Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Efteling Adventure

Dutchman and I had a spill over weekend and we went to Efteling in Loon op Zand near Tilburg down south in North Brabant.

Efteling is an attraction park just like Disneyland. The differences are: Efteling is the Dutch version (it is in Dutch of course and there is no Mickey Mouse), older in history (50+ years already, original concept of a sports park born in 1933) and perhaps not as large in size, although in my opinion it’s just enough for a day of fun and leisure.

Moi in the Goblin’s little village.

Python roller coaster.

Frankly, I am not crazy about attraction or theme parks. I have always thought they’re best for family outings with kids. Well it took me three years to go to Efteling! I even had the chance to go to Euro Disney in Paris years ago when I first visited Europe, but it’s not my cup of tea. The Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines I did visit after a month it opened, not because it was my choice, but we had a company outing there, haha.

Just a quick picture with the tall pine trees.

On top of the Pagoda.

Anyway, the day at Efteling was fun although quite tiresome. We walked from one park to the other, hopped on rides that scared the wits out of me, and for just a whole day, we behaved like little spoiled kids.

What impresses me though with Efteling is the nature around it. The lush of greens greets you everywhere you go. It’s like the Efteling park, the rides, attractions and facilities were built around nature and not vice versa which sadly is quite common with any adventure and theme park. Thumbs up for Efteling!

Visit Period: September 2005
Destination: Efteling (Loon op Zand - North Brabant), The Netherlands

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