Sunday, February 05, 2006

Abundance of Idiots and Idiotic Events

Let’s talk about idiots and idiotic events. Not really one of my favorite discussion but in this 21st century, you just can’t simply miss them. Their tribes have seemed to multiply, warranting the desired attention, just like the recent cartoon melee that hijacked the international headlines. I mean, WTF, do these… OOOPS… I better stop--- [zips the keyboard and slaps my hands, repeatedly].

Darn it, these hands are like rabbits, they are too quick to type! [slaps them again!] Thing is, my no fail conscience has just flashed a huge red flag sign in front of my computer screen reminding me not to discuss sensitive politics [yeah, one of my unwritten blog rules] that might ruin my blog extravaganza and make me a candidate of kidnapping.

That said we go back to normal programming…

Bike News

Have I told everyone that my bike was stolen? Well yes, it was S-T-O-L-E-N!

I will spare the details of this tragic event as there is not much to report except that when I got back to collect my bike, it was gone. Right, that simple, it was G-O-N-E! I just stared blankly at the empty space where I’ve parked it while my mind was running wildly, wanting to scream at my faceless enemies, “The idiots finally got me!”

This means I am officially in the LOOOOOONG list of victims in this country, a victim of Holland’s number 1 crime: BIKENAPPING.

This is my bike that was stolen by an idiot. The bike was a home coming present from the Dutchman 3 years ago. This foto was taken last year during late spring in the border between Nieuwegein and Utrecht.

Since this incident meant dealing with local nuisances, I am adding the bikenapping experience to my grand list of Dutch adventures, supposedly my uncut version of Dutch adaptation and integration.

Oh well. The idiots really got me. I still could not believe it. GGGRRR but sigh... life in Holland, eh?

Anyway, did you know that there are more bikes in this country than people and that biking is a lifestyle by the Dutch? Here is an article I made last year about Biking in the Netherlands. Check it out.

Now on to something else, something spicy and quite taboo, which I am sure, all of you nosy individuals would like to know...

RLD in the Internet

Ever experienced taking a peek in the red light district of the internet?

Oooh... I see one eyebrow raised and two startled bulging eyes flashed in front of me, he-he.

OK, you might wonder, why such a forward question. But c’mon, do not kid yourself. Do not be shy, do not lie and do not pretend. Admit it! You have done this! [grins wickedly]

There, I hope I have stirred your interest quite a bit ;-)

Well the other night, I was surfing aimlessly in this huge blog database when something trapped my curious eye… an unusual blog, imbued to evangelize to a sundry of lustful men catering to the ins and outs of the seedy nightlife in the Philippines. As a result, the inquisitive spy in me was alerted, I MUST click the link, LOL.

And perhaps due to my automatic cerebral processing, which is primarily based on my general distaste to this sort of pursuit [hey I’m no prude but I have my own stand on this], I was expecting to find a cheap looking site with equally cheap writing and presentation, but helaas, I was proven very wrong.

The blog was quite impressive. The lay out of the site was straightforward and businesslike, the author’s no-nonsense way of writing was catchy and how he described, dissected and summarized, hey he even gave useful tips, the whole whoring business, was unexpectedly very professional. I also noticed that there were special terms and acronyms he used which I have no clue about. I will not dare post them here as Google, Yahoo and MSN have kept sending me heaps of sick individual crash landing into this site. I will also not give the link to this unrestrained blog, as I do not really support such licentious and decadent activities. Let’s just say, the subject will remain anonymous, period.

Anyway, while reading through one of the entries, the author gave a few escort site recommendations. Of course, this curious sleuth of a cat clicked on it. It brought me to another page, an international escort service pool site where I have to choose a country to enter in order to view the gallery. Being a Filipina, I clicked on the Philippines and voila, a long list of ads from free lance escort service ladies [and gigolos] flooded my screen. As you would expect, I aimed my cursor to the ones with pictures.

To my amazement, a number of the ladies listed in the site were actually pretty and get this, decent looking and supposedly educated! I also saw that right below their bio descriptions, is a portion with star ratings where customers can add a personal remark about their experiences with the said lady escort. Gripped with added curiosity [I know I am such a snoop], I started reading… until I bumped into this…

“I had so much fun with you [insert any name you fancy here]! You really have a flawless soft skin, and u smell like a real fresh lady… [Cut for censorship]… And I really thank the Heaven above that I found you! If you need any help I'm just here. You are so yummy baby!”

Did I just read that this dim-witted freak of a bastard idiot THANKED THE HEAVENS ABOVE for his palpable whoring lechery?

GEEZUS baby, what a distorted and perverted view of spirituality. Simply unbelievable! Man, I don’t know if I should stop laughing and be infuriated instead. This is a de facto living testimony that there are idiots on the loose out there that badly need a shrink!

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