Saturday, September 09, 2006

Blah, blah, blog

To those of you who blog – have you ever experienced the lazy attacks (that now seemed like an endless, down spiraling, hole) when you don’t know or want to write anything? Or, up to some point, you have become tired of blogging?

I have been blogging for a full 2 years now. And, I have seen people who have blogged longer and more than I did, and are still in the pinnacles of bloggamania – um, something that I really wish to understand right now.

I am not saying that I will stop from blogging, but I just noticed that as the months passes by, the blogging hype has finally reached to a dwindling curve in my system. I still want to blog - I mean, I just can’t give up blogging = writing, as this a sort of hobby for me (especially when you have no kids, you have more time to yourself) and its also one of my ways of de-stressing, but perhaps, not as frequent as it used to be.

Back then, I wrote every damn single day in this blog. I wrote about mundane things, like what transpired during my (boring) day, what I shopped on koopavond [extended sale night], the dog poop I saw en-route to work, the freaking-always-on-PMS Dutch weather, the peculiarities of the Dutch and the perplexing experiences I had with them, and, many more.

Since blogging is therapeutic, I also wrote about work in the past, until such (this was just after a few months of blog existence) that I realized it wasn’t really very responsible and civilized of me to do so. I had to go back to my old blog entries, edit them, and some, I even deleted. When you are a newbie in this blog craze, you don’t voluntarily douse yourself into and learn the basics of the so-called blogging ethics in cyberspace, unless of course, you are starting a professional blog of some sort. Even corporate CEO’s and government ministers nowadays have blogs of their own! So, unless I am paid to blog about work, I will, definitely keep my keyboard parked away from it. Although, I may touch some generic stuff about work from time to time while blogging, that’s about it really that I will dare to publish.

Many people have also asked me, why I have closed my comments (since a year ago), when every bloggers dream is to haul as much comments, he or she can get for his or her blog, lol. The answer is actually very simple, albeit, somewhat impassive and unsociable on my part.

A blog is a journal and is personal (not necessarily private since it’s published online), thus a personal blog speaks of a personal experience, a personal opinion, a personal take and is therefore bound to a personal border surrounding it.

I do understand though that blogging has evolved from being a personal online journal into a much more complicated empowerment enchilada amongst the millions of blogs in a network of online personalities and communities in cyberspace, but, I also feel that with blogging comes a vulnerable aspect where people can see and judge you from a distance, by what you write.

I started this blogging hobby as a tool, an outlet, where I can express and write about what I think and document a part of my expatriated life. I said --- write about a part of my life, because, I have to admit, I censor my own blog topics.

The objectives of journaling-blogging have also radically changed.

It seems that many bloggers primarily blog now because they want to commune and belong to a blogging community. However, if your goal as a blogger and as an individual is to basically write about your opinions and chronicle your life, then it is pointless really, unless you are seeking friends, seeking blog popularity aka high visit statistics and seeking to network and share with equally minded people. Some people have found their partners through blogging even! Yeah, the blog world has become the 21st century pub or bar - virtual, that is.

In addition, the blogging community is huge, rather, let me rephrase that, the internet is H-U-G-E --- it’s a world of its own out there. It has already crossed the borders of what’s real life and internet life in our time. There are hundreds of blogs created every minute as we speak. And, these bloggers (and non-bloggers too, by the way) lurk the internet for hours surfing blogs after the other. It’s like suddenly we have become peeping toms. I, myself, am guilty of being a peeping tom too.

Thus, when you open your blog for comments, you are inviting interactive activity into your blog space. You are simply encouraging people to respond back to what you have written, either they reply in good faith or bad, or your motives were to shake the boat or get sympathetic nods and pats on the shoulder, you the blog owner, must know that the consequences and responsibilities are yours alone to bear.

I honestly, once enjoyed the comments section. I love discussions, intellectual exchanges and the intermingling of opinions, until I realized that it is addictive, perhaps, far too addictive.

The comments section (like forum/board discussions) is like a drug, or a pack of sweet chili pepper Doritos for me. The tendency to return back to the page, again and again, day and night, to check if someone commented, read it, and then respond to it, is very high. I bet, on a scale of 10, it’s a 10, lol. The other side to this activity is, it became too time consuming, ergo --- it is eating up my time. At work (this was in my previous job) and at home, it’s making me less productive. Here’s the cinch: Bloggers, and this goes out to forum-ers out there too, admit it, you were once (or are still) less or not being productive with your life (and work)!

I have a life to run anyway outside the internet. Thus, this is the reason why I closed my comments more than a year ago and just maintained the limited chat box, which I just let it, loose, as it should be.

Other than that, on blogging facts...

Well, I don’t think I can pass for another manic-depressive schizophrenic ADHD blogger who secretly back talk everyone close to her, i.e., the hostile monologue about her loser, yet, why-the-hell-she-still-sticks-with-him boyfriend; conducting a lecture course on how to avoid the despising, controlling and ill-mannered in-laws; the gibberish gossips about the best friend that was never good enough for the ego; the eternal lashing out of corporate frustrations about the slave driver boss who has a (nothing surprising) very low EQ; and, the constant hostility posts about the jealous, ugly, boring and fat colleagues at work.

Don’t get me wrong, I like reading these kinds of blogs actually. I even bookmarked them. They make a hell lot of amusement and diversion in cyberspace when you are alone and trying to fill up those dull and void moments. The message though that I am trying to say is this: Don’t wash your dirty laundry on public unless you are logged and registered as an anonymous blogger with a pseudo handle, or, you just don’t care at all.

Plus the spammers, the trolls, the stalkers... ah, I have had a few of them, they were such an entertainment. They make your internet value rate go up high, real fast.

That’s why, bloggers, a simple piece of advice, do not get upset quickly when you have trolls lost in your blog and when you are being stalked. This means, you are a celebrity since you are worth the effort to be trolled and to be stalked upon. Celebrate and glorify yourself. You must be something, eh?

And, if you want to stop them, don’t get distracted by fighting back with a personal tirade vengeance, dipped with your own blood and strapped onto your keyboard, because, not only are you feeding their inflated and already hurt egos, you will look very petty and oafish in many people’s eyes. Just ignore them. They will, soon, like the dusk melting into the dark moonlit night, will quickly fade away...

Darn, for having a black out earlier on what to write and feeling the seeping boredom of blogging, I sure have blathered far too long.

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