Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Evolution of Beauty

Thanks to Dove - Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant for spilling out the golden secret of advertising and media companies. Wowsers, everyone can now become a super model?! Wahoo!

While we are at the subject of super models, er, I mean photoshopped super models - I wonder when Adobe will start banging on Unilever’s mighty door. Or perhaps, Adobe loved the extra attention (free advert) this photoshopped Dove commercial clip has brought to the media?

Like what they all say, any publicity, good or bad, is always a publicity.

Oh well, so much for caring [insert sarcasm] what real beauty is. It’s all about the money people. What else. Wake up. Slap.

Bottom line is the profits, Dove needs to get its cash cow products milking and maintain its market share dominance. Controversy sells so not clueless at all, marketing and creativity at its finest.

But, I sill love the clip. Brilliant!

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