Friday, December 07, 2007

Monaco, where the mighty and rich hides

Monaco is actually a country that is still ruled (really) by a monarch.

The grandly lighted and pompous Monte Carlo Casino, the landmark or symbol of Monaco. There was a Jazz Festival in the casino when I was there.

Francesca and Michel took me to Monaco for a quick sightseeing and afterwards we had dinner in nearby Menton. Going back to Nice we followed a different route where we could stop and view Monaco from a vantage point. Isn’t it pretty with the lights?

As we already know, with Cannes and Monaco’s high society image, they attract all sorts of nouveau rich, second home owners, holidaymakers and party goers. As well as heaps of wannabe socialites. Ah, life in the high and fast lane.

We first met at this mall in Monaco before going for a little walk. Thank you Michel for taking these pictures!

Monaco, expensive apartments and yachts.

View of Monaco on the way to Menton.

Here is Francesca and Michel in Menton.

I did not really get to take a lot of pictures of Monaco. I was not really in the right mood to take them really.

My French Riviera trip highlights were actually the medieval and magical Eze Village and the small yet lovely once fishing village Villefrance-sur-Mer. Nice old town was also nice. These towns are far from being glitzy but they all gave me the soulful experience I wanted. You’ll hear about them in my next entries.

Travel Period: November 2007
Destination: Monaco

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