Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ohhh mijn godtt! The Orange fever is unstoppable! Holland did it again and took France to the cleaners with a score of 4:1!

Look what happened to Leeuwtje, he is so happy with the win against the French last night his orange hairs stand in excitement, they look like cat’s whiskers now. LOL

Who would have thought the last title holder of the UEFA Championship (we were in Greece when we watched this a couple of years ago), Italy, would be defeated by the Dutch with a score of 3:0, and now the runner up title holder, France beaten with an impressive 4:1?

I will post some videos from Youtube when the fans in Berne have sobered up and posted their videos from last night’s win against France. For now, Dutchman wants me to post this very, very, very typisch Dutch humor (ha-ha).

It’s nice to see the Netherlands football team coming up in shape again. I am not really a football fanatic but the game last night was one of the best so far in this European Football Championships. Now the Dutch has painted Berne in full glorific orange and the reserved Swiss have never seen so much partying in orange before in their lives, lol. This is very typical for the Dutch by the way as they love their biertjes and everything about gezelligheid. Het is altijd een feest!

Too bad we are going for our summer holiday in a week’s time. We’ll be missing all the fun but we will be watching the games from our little island down the Mediterranean.

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