Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In Baarn

We have been visiting Baarn lately, and our most recent visit was this morning when we met with a real estate agent to check out this vrijstand house with a 1930’s architectural facade design.

The house was lovely from the outside. However, my first impression when I stepped inside the living room was nowhere near ecstatic. It was actually a bit of a downer. There were no sparks flying. No love at first sight kind of thing. Only the bathroom impressed me as it was so luxurious I could imagine myself lying in the tub with the bubbles.

Nevertheless, I would like to post some of the fotos I took in Baarn during our few visits.

Thatched roof shops in the Centrum.
Many mansions here...

De Generaal Cafe
What I love with Baarn is the exclusive, suburban, and living with nature feel. There are lots of trees, parks, and forest groves in the area. 

The famous Lage Vuursche forest where the Drakesteyn Castle owned by Queen Beatrix is located just right by the corner. Beautiful and stately mansions abound in the village that is now transformed into elegant offices. And Amsterdam is just half an hour away (without traffic) via the A1 highway.

Moi in a quite colourful emsemble

Very green here in Baarn

So even though the visit to this house in Baarn this morning was a bit disappointing, we will keep searching until we find the right house, hopefully in Baarn or somewhere else equally nice.

Visit Period: June 2008
Destination: Baarn (Utrecht), The Netherlands

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