Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekend in Amsterdam

Lately I have been spending a lot of time in Amsterdam, and well not really for work as I work in Amsterdam anyway, but for other things.

Here’s a few fotos I took last Friday and Saturday, luckily I took them as sometimes I get into the spur of the moment and forget to take fotos. This basically wraps up my weekend as today Sunday, we just decided to stay at home enjoying the beautiful weather outside with a glass of chilled wine.


On a Friday evening, passing through Keizersgracht pretty lofty buildings towards Rembrandtplein.

The nice thing during summer in the Netherlands is there is daylight until late in the evening. Currently sunset is around 10:30PM and I think it will move up to around 11PM in the middle of June, which is really fantastic!

We dined in a Tapas Bar in the popular gay street nearby Muntplein. Their best tapas was the sardines - forgot to take a foto, too bad.


Then yesterday Saturday I went back to Amsterdam to do some shopping with a girl friend. This is probably the first time after a loooong period of time (exclude the Italian Riviera trip with shopping) that I have scheduled a shopping activity, well mainly because its nice weather so far, and this girl friend previously asked me to go shopping with her which I turned down as I had something else on my agenda that day, so this time I am returning the favor. This means Dutchman and I have to wake up early in the morning to do our grocery shopping which spells major struggle as we are not morning types. I had to drag him out of the shower with my shrilly voice as it was already 11AM and we still have to take our brunch and go to the supermarket and my appointment with my friend is at 12! Ugh! Dutchman swore he has never seen me run so quick that morning, in and out of the supermarket like the speed of a bullet. A record, he said. Ha-ha!

The American Hotel in Leidseplein offers yummy Mojitos (although its not the best I have had - best I had was in Edinburgh) and its also a great place to sit down and people watch. On the left foto is a group of waiters tossing one of their colleagues in the water. I was told its a tradition in the Dutch Horeca (hotel, restaurant, and cafe) industry to get dipped when its your last day at work.

Girl friend and I had lunch in a trendy cafe in PC Hooftstraat. There were loads of chic and fabulous people around and it was fun to people watch. Barbie look-alikes strutting down the street clad in their expensive signature clothes and flashy accessories including pimped up bratty little dogs, while the Kens drive down the busy narrow street, gleaming pompously behind the wheel of their €100K worth shiny cars. PC Hooftstraat on a Saturday is a fashion and car show runway. Well, I don’t know why I forgot to take fotos?

Terraces in Leidseplein and our dinner as we did not want to eat a lot, the Leidseplein platter: tempura, tortilla, chorizo with bacon, spinach kroket, and cheese filled pepper -- really really tasty.

After shopping, girlfriend and I sat down in Leidseplein, this time in the main square with the multitudes of cafe terraces.

It rained for an hour in Amsterdam that’s why the parasols in the foto above are in full bloom, but even though it rained, it was still gezellig in Leidseplein. Always a lively place to be.

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