Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Big Chase

In the eyes of other people, my life would probably be very boring. I am only busy with work, work, and work. During the weekends I try to do something different like sightseeing, walking in the woods, in the fields, if not, I would be eating tart and later drinking wine with all the lekkernijnen in a verjaardagsfeest – ‘tis the season now as every 2 weeks starting end September to mid January, a Dutch family member is celebrating a birthday.

Boring as I’m tired of the socializing drama especially when its outside of the family circle (I am reminded to attend a party this Friday in Amsterdam and I am already feeling tired just thinking about it)... and this might be hard to believe but I do prefer to be working... if not, be at home... if not, be somewhere else, traveling... if not, just be alone, or be with the Dutchman. I truly, truly can’t imagine anymore how people can pack their weekdays and weekends with every social agenda they can gather and muster.

Hmm, I think this is the dawning of the getting old phase when meet-and-greets have become a minimal pulling factor in life. All you want to do is retreat, while unfortunately still being chased by the realities of life and work.

At work, I have been chasing people. I think everyone? I’m not sure anymore. I am chasing my customers, our accounts, marketing, my boss, the sales engineer, the sales operations team, and the CRM system that is haunting and hunting me daily. Chasing the orders like a nagging irritating hag that never stops cackling, chasing the long list of tasks, chasing to get approval, chasing so many open-ended questions, chasing issues, chasing to improve and take the standards up to the next level (this is not a joke), chasing campaigns rolled out and hello, where are my leads? Arghhh, I’m chasing everyone! CHASING TIME! I feel like I am forever chasing here?

I’m actually a bit surprised that I am not stressed and exhausted, with all my frantic running to and fro trying to catch my tail in a merry go round circle, when in this country it’s easy to just call the boss and HR and give the, what seems to be the hottest trend in the workplace excuse -- “Ik ben overspannen”.

Since strict labor laws in the country are here to protect the workers (and are here to stay), the company could not fire anyone who claims to be sick and overstressed, so they settle to an agreement of 6 months sabbatical leave instead, fully paid, then followed by a program on how to re-integrate into the workplace.

Workers in the flatlands are so damn spoiled.

To date, well actually since last month October, I have already achieved the Annual Quota given to me which is a milestone since October is still early; it’s the beginning of the last quarter of the year, and voila, I am already over the bridge. Why, well done! I am not shy congratulating myself ;-)

So right now I am gearing towards over performance and the fat bonus... BUT lately things have become more challenging as business has been pretty slow. I hope this is not a drift, a preview of things to come as I am getting a bit concerned. Would this already be the effects of the financial crunch? Plus in 2009 I may carry (well right, I will!) a bigger quota. Sigh. Oh well, more chasing will ensue then.

The Belastingdiesnt has also been chasing me this year. I just recently received a statement saying that I still owe them money from 2006. What? 2006? They are chasing after my Income Tax Return of more than 2 years ago? Didn’t I just pay twice an adjustment for my ITR in 2007? Twice.

Someone told me the greatest mafia in the world is the government, er, the tax department.

It didn’t stop there.

Tonight (past 7PM), while driving from work back to home, and I have been accurately careful this time because the cameras have been chasing me like crazy these months – I’m on my third speeding penalty this half of the year already, and this is not counting the first half, and BAM! A spark! Did that speeding camera just flashed me (again!!!) when I was driving 80KM/per hour in a 100KM/per hour highway?

Now, this is where I am getting. I made sure to write this on here so that if ever the penalty arrives, I have a reference for myself so I can appeal. I’ve really had enough of these robo-speeding-camcops chasing my pockets!

Let me also add this that I got flashed Friday first week of October (I froze this incident in my memory banks) because the car on the middle left lane was coming too fast and we were both parallel with each other when we both passed by the speeding camera, even though I maintained a 100KM/per hour speed on a 100KM/per hour highway. GGRRRR, so I am noting them down dates here before they fly off, stolen and chased away by my forgetful aging mind. I swear I am very forgetful these days.

The Dutchman on the other hand is also being chased. His work is chasing the hell out of him. He has a much heavier function as he looks after a global team spanning across several continents. I can’t wait for him to win the lotto so this chasing game would stop.

STOP. Finito. Klaar.

I know I’m dreaming.

In the meantime, I will be drawing up my entry for pretty town, Elburg and I am so looking forward to the Mussels dinner the Dutch parents invited us this weekend.

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