Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Karpatsky Dort (Carpathian Cake)

My first encounter with this delicious cake, mind you I am not a sweet tooth individual but I just have to blog this, was when I visited the Prague Castle.

I had a quick snack in a cafe, just when you get out of the castle. The cafe did not really have many choices so I chose the most interesting looking cake that reminds me of the cake I usually buy at the school canteen during my elementary and high school days called Blitz Torte.

Well, I had a nice surprise because the cake was simply delicious!

The Carpathian Cake on the photo though is the one I had for late lunch at the hotel before my taxi came to pick me up for the airport. I was ecstatic when I saw that they have the cake on their pastry menu.

I wish I could find this cake here in Holland.

I later found out that Carpathian is a mountain range that stretches across Central and Eastern Europe running from Poland to Czech Republic to Ukraine to Slovakia to Romania and to Serbia.

Travel Period: December 2008
Destination: Prague, Czech Republic

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