Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Philippines: Long ago Boracay

While waiting for the USB stick to arrive loaded with our Cebu and Bantayan Island holiday fotos–a replacement from the damaged fotos–allow me to muse over Philippine’s famous beach destination, Boracay. (I had my mom on the phone yesterday and she said we should receive the package this week or next week, yehey!)

I’ve only been there once which was a couple moons and eons ago. As you can clearly see my fotos below are already chipped, flawed replicas of the old pre-digital camera age.

I know this is a bit odd, but I don’t really hanker to go back to this numero uno desired holiday spot. I mean really, about every breathing creature in the Philippines raves about this place. No joke, until now the media moguls in the Philippines are still screeching with the headlines – Boracay is (still) it. But, whenever Dutchman and I are in the country, we prefer to discover new places and tread down unknown territories rather than exhibiting and carousing ourselves in trendy places.

Dutchman took this pristine foto (well, these fotos actually) of white beach and the outriggers being rocked by the waves at bay in Boracay.

Typically Philippines, the road master, the jeepney sprouting with passengers like lentils.

The little cousin of jeepney, another Philippine proudly made, the tricycle (other names include trike and pedicab).

This year we didn’t go farther from the home base because the whole family went with us for the island getaway. My mom has problems with traveling far so I thought Bantayan Island on the northern tip of Cebu would sanction an effortless approval from her. And it did.

I’ll post fotos and stories about our stay there when the fotos arrive (in a USB stick!).

On our next Philippine trip, I have a selection of big islands-as per Dutchman’s request-on the list to explore: Leyte, Samar or Negros Occidental (we’ve been to Negros Oriental). So, I guess either one of these. I'll draw lots when the date draws near.

Travel Period: October 2000
Destination: Boracay (Aklan - Visayas), Philippines

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