Saturday, December 26, 2009

Prettige Kerstdagen

Research says, and a discussion during our Christmas dinner, that the average Dutch gain 5 kilos over the Christmas holidays. But I guess it doesn't really matter to them because they are tall and lean anyway, they lose the kilos easily when they are back on the saddle biking. I know, life is sometimes unfair.

We had our Christmas dinner at the Dutch sister’s during the first day of Christmas (25th of December), and due to the rush I forgot to take fotos of the starters I made.

On the second day of Christmas (26th of December), we went to the home boulevard in Utrecht. Lots of shops with 50% korting and there’s this new store that recently opened with really cool furniture and home accessories. I was so tempted to buy a couple of items I fancied—I am refurnishing my home with silver and black, but I’m trying to sleep over my material lust for a night or two to make sure I really, really want the items I spotted. They’re not cheap. OK, fair enough.

When working fulltime, and in Amsterdam which means I travel more than two hours everyday, I rarely have the opportunity to window shop because shops here, and I mean those boutique specialty shops I like, close early, like 5PM or latest 6PM when I am just finishing work. No chance really. On the other hand I just realized that the shop schedules have saved my bank account, lol. So I'm not complaining. Then on Saturdays when I have the time I am dead tired and shopping is the last thing on my mind, but thank god for the holidays. Maybe I come back to the home boulevard on Monday =)


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