Thursday, December 24, 2009

Utrecht during a winter evening

Finally on holiday but will be back at work next week Tuesday and Wednesday, then I am on my New Years holiday, after which I am flying to the Caribbean, a respite for me from this cold and gloomy weather. It’s been a winter wonderland here in the Netherlands and I have been meaning to bring my camera to work in the last few days to take fotos of the snow covered highways and streets but never got to it. Ach, I am getting old, I always forget things.

Dutchman and I went out for dinner in the center tonight and I made sure I brought my camera! Here’s some fotos below of Utrecht on a winter evening:

Left foto is under the Dom's arch. In the middle foto are pretty Dutch buildings and the Dom at the back. You can also see that the grounds (this is actually a stone bridge called Maartensbrug) are covered in snow. On the right is Zadelstraat.

Fotos above of Utrecht Oudegracht along the Lijnmarkt taken from Maartensbrug, this is near the Dom and Vismarkt. Oudegracht is the most popular canal in Utrecht stretching to about two kilometers long. On the left is another street decorated with Christmas lights. We saw trucks sprinkling the roads with salt tonight (to keep the roads snow and slippery free).

I also did my much needed 1-hour run today. It wasn’t really easy running on snow covered ground, not only it is slippery I have to share my path with bikers and scooters. The afternoon was quite manic too. We spent rushing to and fro shops as most of them are closing early at 5PM. Anyway, this shop where I usually buy my gourmet rolls and buns literally closed before my nose, the shop worker barricaded the doors and smiled sarcastically—‘Wij zijn gesloten mevrouw’ (we are closed ma’am). I didn’t smile back, instead I loosely said—SHIT, lol. Upon hearing this, the shop worker smiled even more sarcastically. Seriously, I hate it when this happens, especially during the holidays. I want my gourmet bread! ARGHHHHH

Tomorrow will be our Christmas dinner with the Dutch family at the sister-in-laws’. I’m doing the voorgerecht (starters), shrimps with rucola and courgette, egg potato tart for the vegans and I’m making Caprese salad too, which means it is going to be another busy day.

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