Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mount Charleston and The | District in Nevada

In less than an hour’s drive from Las Vegas you can see snow and you can ski! The terrain of Nevada is so diverse, as well as the climate, well, that is depending on where you are.

We were a little bit curious, I especially, to see snow in desert sanctuary Nevada so we went up Mount Charleston together with an old school friend, Delphi, who now lives in Las Vegas. On top of that I haven’t seen her in 20 years! Because we babbled so much we lost track of time—we first had lunch at The District then went for coffee and it was already past 3PM when we left for Mount Charleston.

Driving up Mount Charleston in Spring Mountains.

We were at Mt. Charleston Lodge and sighted several nice log holiday cabins on wooden stilts.

Another foto of the log cabin and Mt. Charleston Lodge's restaurant, about half way to the peak I believe.

Very cosy and country inside the restaurant.

I had red wine with tortilla chips and salsa while Dutchman and my old school friend, Delphi had hot chocolate and a slice of apple pie with cream to go with it. I don't have a sweet tooth.

Here we go, it is us!

View from the restaurant of Mount Charleston.

Dutchman and I wanted to go up higher the mountain and see the skiing resort but we didn’t have time really so we parked ourselves in Mt. Charleston Lodge for late afternoon drinks and snack. The lodge itself is at 7,717 feet elevation at the top of the mountain in Kyle Canyon's Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest. It was probably 0C to 2C up there.

Because of its cooler climate, Mount Charleston is a year round favorite get-away for many Las Vegans. As well as there are plenty of hiking trails, there is a modest ski resort and endless opportunities to camp and picnic in the mountains.

Delphi and I at the 'The District' having coffee after our traditional American feast: bar-b-que for lunch.

Delphi and her hubby and Dutchman and I had lunch here at Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que. Their food is really good, thanks for recommending this place.

The District at Green Valley Ranch is about 15 to 20 minutes from the Vegas Strip.

The shopping and entertainment place is an interesting concept and alternative from malling! I think the idea comes from the European manner of shopping; everything is outside, small shops and buildings that you hop from one to the other and café terraces here and there. I like it. Definitely much better than the malls and bunker types of shopping buildings.

Here are a few pictures I took of The District:

Travel Period: March 2012
Destination: Nevada, United States of America

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