Friday, January 28, 2011

Maybe California... er, well we have booked!

In exchange of the skiing holiday this winter (blaming or thanking my wrist sprain maybe)... in a few weeks, Californication here we come!

So looking forward to a week long of the following:

1) Better weather, warmer of course, well hopefully!
2) Discovering San Francisco City, its culture, its architecture, its sights...
3) Culinaire and Wine in Napa or Sonoma Valley
4) Nature adventure in Yosemite (maybe we can even ski!)
5) Lovely beach views (not sure if its warm enough to swim but not really a sea person anyway)
6) Long drives on the American highway, along the Californian coast
7) Los Angeles City if we have more time and in the mood for Hollywood (well, we are both not really into showbiz, we mainly watch TV for news and documentary and we have a hard time picking movies!)
8) Maybe Lake Tahoe as well

Travel Period: March 2011
Destination: San Francisco (California), USA

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