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Zakynthos, Greece: South Xigia Beach

Honestly I am not really sure if this is the name of this gorgeous beach cove but after some research I have come to the conclusion that there are 2 Xigia Beaches in Zakynthos Island. The famous one with the sulphur deposits located in the north, and this one, a small cove beach located in the south. They are not far from each other, perhaps less than a kilometre in between.

If you are coming from Zakynthos, it’s the South Xigia beach that you will encounter first. Parking is a bit tricky, so make sure to park up near the main road because it will be a challenging task to go down and later go up to the main road. We saw a car who struggled to go back up the road.

To get to the beach you would have to walk down a quite steep dirt hilly terrain and this will bring you to a cafeteria overlooking the beach. From here there is a paved stairway that leads down to the beach. Do take a pause (and take pictures) at the top of the stairs because the view is just lovely.

Dutchman and I swam here in South Xigia Beach and we really enjoyed it. The beach shore is a bit pebbly and rocky as well on some parts, but as you swim further into the sea you will notice that the bottom becomes sandy. We stayed for a while here until it was time for lunch.

We thought of lunching in the cafeteria but we found it to be quite bare and not inviting at all. We are looking for something nicer and cosy, a taverna with a wow factor. You can order food and drinks though at the caferia and the food will be delivered to the beach using the simplest technology, the basket pulley system. Really cool.

So off we went with our scooter in search of a nice taverna to eat lunch.

I must say that this is one of my favourite little beaches in Zakynthos. It has loads of character. It’s small and not too crowded as well.

Stay tuned for the lovely tavern we found!

The cafeteria overlooking to the sea before the beach. This is what we first saw after the downhill walk.

Pretty South Xigia Beach.

There are very few rental sunbeds and parasol here so you would need to bring your own.

The waters are very clear!

This guy cannot muster the courage to jump into the water.

Charming but not so romantic and cosy so we opted to go some place else to have lunch.

Travel Period: August 2011
Destination: Zakynthos Island, Greece

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