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Zakynthos, Greece: Keri Lighthouse Tavern, the Biggest Greek Flag and Mizithres Rocks

Dutchman and I checked out the Keri (Kerion) area. The place is located about 20 kilometres from Zakynthos capital centre.

Gorgeous view to Mizithres Rocks.

We somehow knew that the area is popular for something but we couldn’t figure it out at that time. I know that during the Island Cruise Tour we passed by this part of the island and remember seeing a massive Greek flag flying above the cliffs. I also remember the guide saying that this is the world’s largest Greek flag. And I remember the beautiful stone islets called Mizithres Rocks as well.

Now the map that I have does mention Keri home to the gorgeous Mizithres Rocks but we have no idea how to get there. While driving in the area, we came to a mountain village, I believe this was after the main Keri village, which looked rather desolate. There were houses but no one is tinkering on the streets. We stopped and parked the mope. I decided to take a little walk into the inner part of the village. It was very still, a bit eerie so I turned around.

Back on the main road of the town, Dutchman and I were ready to leave this deserted little village when a car came and the passengers asked us if we knew the road to the ‘Keri Lighthouse’. We said we didn’t know but that gave us an idea that there is indeed a good place to go in this area. Now the question is: How do we get to the Keri Lighthouse?

We were not sure which way to go. We saw a small road going out of the village and we decided to follow it and see where it will lead us. At the junction we saw directional signs to the Keri Lighthouse. Further ahead we saw the biggest Greek flag we have ever seen. We have found it!

Pictures here of course. We begin with the deserted village in Keri:

There was no one in sight.

We did a little stroll and didn't see anyone on the streets.

The biggest Greek flag in the world is located in Keri, Zakynthos, Ionian Islands:

The Keri Lighthouse tavern and the views to the Mizithres rocks:

Yup, the restaurant made this landing for photo opportunities especially for visitors.

The outdoor terrace has grapes crawling the trellis and Dutchman found a bug.

Hello there... check out the view behind me.

Views below the cliffs and the Mizithres rocks. This is very steep.

Travel Period: August 2011
Destination: Keri, Laganas (Zakynthos - Ionian Islands), Greece

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