Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In Paris: Lafayette Gourmet and a late Lunch

The Lafayette Gourmet is a foodie paradise! I just love the plethora of scrumptious FOOD from all over the world available here. Food for sale even in small portions and 100 kilograms. Heaven. I remember the last time I was in here years back. I bought my lunch here and picnicked at the park. Hands down, this is a must stop.

I love this jamon and tapas bar.

Stinky French cheeses of course.

Colourful produce always brings a big smile.

Although the French aren’t the best in the cured sausage department (the Italians are in my opinion), I bought here a couple of dried French saucissons.

Here is a TIP for would-be cured sausage/meat buyers: Pick the hardest, they taste better and steer clear away from ones with spices, nuts, cheese and what nots. Keep it naturel. Trust me, I am a self-declared dried sausage connoisseur. This is the only type of meat that I hoard!

Anywho, we continued our shopping spree outside Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. We hit the streets of Paris until our toes were begging and crying. Girls in high heel boots tramping down the streets of Paris for hours. Ridiculous, haha.

Here we are resting our weary feet before we hit the streets for more shopping. I did not shop a lot though. I only want to buy stuff that I really want.

The beautiful Opera Garnier (back part) on Boulevard Haussmann, in front of Lafayette.

We decided to park our exhausted feet and take our very late lunch at a cafe nearby. The cafe restaurant was full with people but we were served quickly. I like fast service.

We both had a green salad. Mine was with jamon, eggs and a local French cheese (not sure what it was, maybe Comte) and of course a glass of red. Blondine had a different type of cheese on her salad. It was a nice very late light lunch.

The salad was not bad, 3.8 stars out of 5.

I was glad to end the shopping day with a few nice finds for winter. I think I may have to come back to Paris again soon. Or maybe Milan. We shall see...

Travel Period: October 2011
Destination: Paris, France

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