Saturday, June 02, 2012

Old Women on the Streets of Havana with Cigars

There’s quite a number of comical and engaging old women in Havana (in Havana Vieja precisely).

They are mostly old women dressed in a rainbow of carnival colours with bright flowers on their hair, beads dangling from their necks and sporting an unlit cigar on their mouth.

They are not like Coralia though whose job is to make sure Havana Vieja is clean and who doesn’t ask for a $CUC if you take pictures of or with her. These old women however ask for money in return for a picture. 1$CUC would be enough to charge for a couple of pictures.

It’s a decent job I suppose and it gives the older women something to do. You can find them on Calle Obispo and in the main plazas of Old Havana.

There are however much cooler looking grandmas in grand costumes, fresher flowers and red lipsticks available for picture taking.

Travel Period: May 2012
Destination: Havana, Cuba

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