Sunday, September 02, 2012

Lunch in Leuven: Agorian Salad and Kriek Beer

Last Friday I was in the south of the Netherlands for a company event. Luckily, our other halves were invited as well so I tagged the Dutchman along and also booked a weekend getaway for the two of us in Leuven, Belgium. I thought—well hey, we are at the border already, so why not cross over? =)

I’m not done downloading and picasa-ing all my Leuven pictures but since I haven’t had any food post in the last few days, I’ll continue my Leuven entries with our tasty lunch in the city. I picked the area near the Leuven Stadhuis (Leuven Town Hall) on the Grote Markt because it’s such a lovely place with the beautiful town hall of course as the main spectacular view.

Hi there, proost! =)

Agora Restaurant-Cafe-Brasserie was our choice for the day. Dutchman ordered as usual his favourite, pasta, while I settled for the restaurant’s signature salad: Agorian Salad.

Let me say that the salad was quite fantastic. It’s a lovely invention of anchovies doused in vinegar and smoked salmon with a slice of lemon top... on a bed of pickled peppers, sundried tomatoes, grilled aubergine and salad greens... and with cucumber, tomatoes, chicory, green beans and boiled eggs beautifully arranged on the side. Sauce on the side as well which is good as I do not like my salad floating in liquid.

Nevertheless, this is a yummy work of art and this has got to be 4.5 stars out of 5.

As for my kriek lambic beer? It’s a bit bitter.
I enjoyed more the kriek beer I had in Ghent, Belgium last July. I was actually tempted to just take a chilled glass of white wine to go with the salad but because I am in Belgium, I felt obliged to drink beer. Belgium = Beer. I have to go local you know.

Here is the restaurant (on the right) on the Grote Markt, beside the St. Peter's Church and across the Leuven Stadhuis.

Kriek beer or the raspberry beer.

The Belgians really know food presentation. This is something the Dutch need to learn. Seriously.

The different views from our table.

Anyway, we got lucky with the weather. More of Leuven soon!

Travel Period: September 2012
Destination: Leuven (Flemish Brabant), Belgium

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