Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hidden Gem in Paris: Place des Vosges

A hidden gem in Paris because not many tourists go astray in this part of the city except for Victor Hugo fans. This elegant early 17th century public square in the Marais district is quite popular amongst the Parisians.

Click here to see an aerial view of the beautiful square: Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges is a true square in the sense of the word, measuring a perfect 140 metres x 140 metres. It is the oldest planned square (circa 1604) in Paris, previously known as Place Royale, and commissioned by Henri IV. The square was used as the prototype for residential squares in the coming years and centuries in Paris and the rest of Europe.

I just love structure because it promotes clean lines. That is the reason why I love the red brick houses and the vaulted porticoes that frames Place des Voges. They were all built in the same design and colour scheme. It's very easy on the eyes and it evokes the royalty sphere.

Today, Place des Vosges is a place where many locals frequent on a weekend to picnic and sunbathe especially on a warm sunny day. There are many art galleries here as well, a few specialty boutique shops and restaurants including the Café Hugo of the Victor Hugo—author of the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ fame, and his house—Maison Victor Hugo, that is now a museum. He used to live here Place des Vosges.

Let me take you on a quick stroll of the place. Here are my pictures:

A hotel with a secret garden courtyard.

Dammann will bring you to luxurious and gastronomic heights on their massive collection of tea delights.

Most people on the park are locals!

It was sweltering hot last August when we were here, so we stopped by at Cafe Hugo for some cold bitter lemon drinks.

Tip: Free parking here on Sundays and you can park inside Place des Vosges, on the pavement beside the inner garden square.

Travel Period: August 2012
Destination: Paris, France

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