Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bistro in Le Marais, Paris: Lunch at the Royal Turenne

Located 10 metres from Place des Vosges, ‘Royal Turenne’ is not hard to miss. The brasserie has a bright blue cobalt colour facade and sits on a very strategic location bridging Place des Vosges and the shopping street that is open on Sundays, Rue de Francois de Bourgeois.

I thought the waiter was flirting with Bru!

I was craving for dried ham and vegies while Bru was not sure on what to order. Eventually we made our decision over a glass of chilled rose.

Bru is taking mussels and moi a green salad topped with dried cured ham and foie gras. Except for the burnt bread, my salad order was very nice. Bru on the other hand enjoyed her mussels as well.

Steamed mussels and a green salad of foie gras and cured ham.

Hi there! Sante =)

Many do not know this but the shops in Le Marais are open on Sundays. Bru and I did a little bit of window shopping here after lunch on Rue de Francois de Bourgeois.

Sundays in Paris are slow (and anywhere else in Europe). Most shops are closed and doesn't open until Monday afternoon. Sundays are then best spent inside museums, strolling in the parks, checking out the many Parisian open-air markets such as the Richard Lenoir or Bastille Market and shopping and lunching in Le Marais.

Tip: Shops in Le Marais are open on Sundays.

Travel Period: August 2012
Destination: Paris, France

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