Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Morning drinks and walk in Le Marais, Paris

On our last day in Paris last summer (August), Bru and I spent the day in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements: Le Marais. Our hotel is located just across the neighbourhood so we didn’t have to walk that far.

Le Marais (means: Marsh) is a historical and aristocratic district in Paris. There is a big Jewish community living here as well. Its one of those hidden gems in Paris that first time and second time visitors would not know.

Join us for a stroll and morning drinks…

We first headed off to Les Marches des Infants Rouges on Rue de Bretagne, the oldest covered market in Paris dating back to the 1600's.

We were expecting to see the usual open-air market with stalls but instead we were welcomed by an array of hip cafes and casual restaurants inside the mini market complex. We saw a few vegetable and fruit sellers as well but majority of the stalls were selling food and the casual dining experience. Ready-to-eat food or ready-to-order food. Take your pick!

Anothing thing that women need to know about Le Marais is that there are vintage stores here selling haute couture signature labels, however, for some strange reason we lacked the mood and energy to check them out. After a peek in the oldest covered market in Paris, we sat in a cafe and stayed put. It is a Sunday after all, and we are officially lazy =(

I am trying to figure out what these fruits and vegetables are? Help?

The green bulbs, are they not zucchini flowers that are yet to blossom? On the far right are dragon fruits I believe, and on the upper left, the dark purple-ish fruit I have no clue what they are.

Nonetheless, the Parisian vegetable and fruit vendor is always a joy to see.

We settled ourselves in a typical Parisian cafe on Rue de Bretagne for drinks and people watching. Coffee for myself and water for Bru.

Because it is a Sunday, Parisians are out having their croissant and coffee, their morning read and a ciggie as well in their favourite neighbourhood cafe. Some were walking their adorable dogs while the older ones are having a slow morning stroll with their canes.

People watching is a grand thing =)

A few doors away on the same street, an eye-catching patisserie is selling these yummy goodies... they look sooooooo pretty! I am already full and satisfied just by looking at them =)

Anyway, lunch is calling. We are heading off to Place des Vosges where we will have our mid-day treat. See you there.

Travel Period: August 2012
Destination: Paris, France

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