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My last day in Copenhagen (last April 2011)

Every Easter I am somewhere out there travelling, usually on my own. I love solo travelling and these days I typically restrict my solo travels to long weekend trips within Europe or a combination with a public holiday, mainly because I do not have a lot of holidays from work and I prefer to reserve the days for my longer holidays (with the Dutchman) every quarter. Having said that, I do feel lucky that I can holiday often, but on the other hand, I also work hard for it.

Luckily though, because of the recent acquisition my company have made, HR adjusted our number of holidays based on the holiday agreement of the company we acquired which is a minimum of 30 days. For a full-time worker, by law in the Netherlands, you get a 25-day holiday in a year. Previously, I had a 25-day holiday + 2 days. We get 1 extra day for every 5 years after the age of 35, and because I am 42, I get 2 extra days. That totals to 27 days. But—now I have 30 days (6 weeks)!

I am already starting to plan my 2013 travels =)

Going back to Easter early this year, I was in Copenhagen, Denmark. The trip was really just to get away from work, from the mundane things in life and to touch base with myself. Every time I travel alone, I bond with myself. I love these moments—my ‘ME’ time.

Here’s what I did on my last day in Copenhagen, which was the 4th day…

My flight was in the afternoon and my plan was to take the day real slow.

I woke up late, went online while in bed (loved the bed, the soft pillows and the nice smelling bedsheets), took time freshening up and dressing up, and then packed my suitcase. Now I am ready for my late brunch in the city centre. Afterwards I am planning on buying more goodies for the Dutchman.

The Danes are into weekend brunches, and many restaurants in the city offer weekend breakfast/brunch buffets like the one I went to in the other side of town: Cafe 22.

For my last day I went to Cafe Europa 1989 in the city centre. Weather was melancholic, light showers the whole morning, grey somber skies... I was craving for yoghurt, muesli and fruits!

I was expecting yoghurt + muesli + fresh fruits (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries) but they gave me dried fruits instead. Eugh. This has to be one of my least enjoyed breakfasts ever. I do not like dried fruits in my yoghurt.

After breakfast, I saw this drunken old man on the street. He was having a great time, dancing and cheering with a can of beer in his hand. Skal! He must have had a fun night that he is still alive and kicking the next day just before lunch time. Booze can really do wonders sometimes haha.

I bought this as an additional coming home present (tiramisu) for the Dutchman at the local yummy bakery store called Lagkagehuset. I wanted to buy Danish pastries or cakes but the tiramisu was the only one that was packaged well--inside a plastic cup. I do not want to cause a mess in the airplane or smash the pastries and cakes beyond recognition.

Then I went back to my hotel--First Hotel Kong Frederik to check out (I ordered a late check out by the way). The hotel is very close to the City Hall (see picture above).

After checking out of the hotel, I walked towards the train station which is just 2 blocks away and passed by Tivoli, the ultimate Danish theme park entertainment. Everyone, and I mean the locals and foreigners alike, will strongly recommend a visit to magical Tivoli. Unfortunately, they only open starting 12 April. I was a week too early. Perhaps, next time!

Copenhagen Central Station. I will be taking the train to Kastrup Airport (Copenhagen Airport). First stop, then I get off.

Finally at the Kastrup/Copenhagen Airport. I love self-service. The way to go.

Waiting for my flight to Amsterdam. My other present for the Dutchman: Summerbird chocolates that I bought at Magasin du Nord.

My ride is almost ready =)

Upon arriving home in the Netherlands, Dutchman and I had a nice cup of afternoon tea paired with the tiramisu I bought at Lagkagehuset bakery. Yum!

Travel Period: April 2012
Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

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