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Skala Eresos in Lesvos Island, a place where lesbians come together

After checking out quiet Eresos mountain village, Dutchman and I rode down to the sister beach village located just a few kilometres away, Skala Eressos. In Lesvos Island, many mountain villages have sister beach villages such as Skoutaros and Ampelia, and Sykaminea and Skala Sykaminea.

Trivia: Did you know that the locals in Lesvos (also spelled as Lesbos) are called Lesvians or Lesbians?

I love the beach cafes and tavernas here at Eresos (also spelled as Eressos). They are very attractive, well situated and they have trendy and soft lounges as well. Eresos I think has the best beach terrace in Lesvos Island, and with prime people watching opportunities as well.

Nonetheless, Dutchman and I spent a slow, quiet and pleasant afternoon chilling out here in Skala Eresos. It’s one of the popular beach fronts of Lesvos Island. In fact the beach area I believe has been made popularised by the gays, predominantly by the sisterhood group, the lesbians.

We noticed many lounge cafes and taverns flying or pasting a sticker of the rainbow (homosexual) flag. In fact in Roots, the lounge café where we spent the afternoon at, we noticed many women couples, with one of them having the usual butchy look. Well, let me rephrase that, in fact, in this beach place we noticed many women couples.

While we were checking out the beach village, we came across this sign that says—‘Sunset, Women Only Saturday 18:00’. It is clearly a beach party for ‘women only’. Dutchman suddenly felt out of the place, haha!

Thus, if the gays have Mykonos, the lesbians have Lesvos. Which cannot be more than appropriate really. Such coincidence couldn’t be that great. Lesvos/Lesbos = Lesbians

Now, we have been around Lesvos Island and it is only here in Skala Eresos that the lesbian community flourish. Here, they come together for their summer holidays, parties and events, such as the annually held International Women’s Festival.

Here is an article by Telegraph in 2010 about the International Women’s Festival: ‘Lesbians flock to Greek island of Lesbos for festival’

And the pictures I took of trendy Skala Eresos of course:

Lesbians have been coming to Lesvos Island since the 1970’s, mostly summer holidaymakers from northern and western Europe. But it doesn’t mean that straight couples and families with kids do not come here as well. In Eresos, everyone from all types of gender are free to holiday here.

During our afternoon visit, we saw many families with children and straight couples just like us enjoy the beach and the lovely taverns. We even saw many local grandpas hanging out in the little plaza.

Travel Period: July 2012
Destination: Skala Eresos, Eresos-Andissa (Lesvos Island – North Aegean), Greece

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