Monday, July 22, 2013

Gelato and Gourmet Shopping in Utrecht

It's been sizzling hot here in the Netherlands! 30C+! A week from now I will be in Dubai and its soaring 40C there!!! Oh dear me, how am I going to survive with that kind of insane heat? I am already melting here at 30C???

I guess it's time to cool off with some ice cream?

Gimme some gelato baby!


These pictures were taken last month June and I have been to the city centre twice since this visit already. I will post my other set of pictures at a later date, but this ice cream post is just apt for the sweltering weather we have right now.

I bought the ice cream (tried 2 new flavours but I now forgot what they were) from the white and pink little gelato van on the little bridge near the Vismarkt and the Dom. This little ice cream van is always there except during winter.

Gourmet Shopping in Utrecht

Then I did some little gourmet shopping as well... at these 2 gourmet shops.

'Bigoli' for my Italian fix. They have great Italian dried sausages and burrata, as well as some ready-to-eat / takeaway mediterranean food. I come here from time to time.

This recently opened shop, 'De Droom van Utrecht' just across Bigoli I found late last year. They are selling truffle olive oil and green tea rice leaves! If you are in Utrecht, check them out, the shop is a gourmand's paradise.

Grabbed a small bouquet of peonies from the flower market on the Oudegracht and a glass of chardonnay at Winkel van Sinkel. Time for people watching =)

It's my first time to buy peonies and I normally buy white flowers as well (I like blue but they are hard to find). I have decided to give them a try since they were going at a cheap price of 5 Euros. Now I don't think I will be buying peonies again because although they are beautiful, they wither rather quickly and are messy. When it blooms, give it max 2 days and all the petals will have fallen off its stem!

On the brighter side, you can make a potpourri out of it =)

Visit Period: June 2013
Destination: Utrecht Centrum (Utrecht), The Netherlands

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