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Lunching with a view of Amsterdam at the Hilton Sky Lounge

If you want to lunch or even just have drinks—coffee or a glass of bubbly in style and with a view of Amsterdam, then check out Hilton Doubletree’s Sky Lounge.

Wide and floor to ceiling glass window panels commanding fabulous views to Amsterdam Centraal Station area, the Red Light District (yes just right across!) and Nieuwmarkt.

When it’s beautiful weather, the outdoor terrace is open. In the evening, the ambience inside the lounge and the views outside are even more spectacular. I was here last year with girlfriends Bru and Pinpin. Pinpin flew across the Pacific Ocean via Dubai from Hawaii to Amsterdam to visit me. Here is the entry I made during our visit in the evening to Sky Lounge late last year: Amsterdam Part 2: Chic places to have a drink--'Vyne' and 'Hilton Sky Lounge' on a cold, wet and windy Saturday

Lunch with a View to the Red Light District and Nieuwmarkt

Blondine and I were here last month, June. It was a balmy day, however with a little bit of scattered rain showers throughout the day. The weather was not at its best thus the outdoor terrace was closed for business.

We initially went to a different lounge restaurant along Het IJ harbour but because of weather conditions we changed plans last minute and came here instead. Blondine reassured me that it doesn’t really matter that we are indoors (we want to sit outside in the terrace that's why) because rain or shine we have a lovely view here at the Sky Lounge. And she is so right!

We decided to park ourselves at the bar-restaurant area of Sky Lounge where most people sit to properly eat, and started with a glass of chilled chardonnay for moi and a cup of cappuccino for Blondine.

Then our lunch arrived: Green Salad with Grilled Shrimps Thai style (with sweet and sour sauce)

I love what Hilton has done to its rooftop, they not just made a lovely bar and lounge that offers excellent views to Amsterdam but a rooftop garden as well!

Food verdict: I do not like too much sauce in my salad, and in fact I prefer my salad fresh with no dressing, only olive oil and salt & pepper. This salad may look a bit pretty but it was mediocre. The shrimps were good though and we loved the bread and butter. 3 stars out of 5.

If you come here to have lunch, stay away from the salads and order their sandwiches instead.

Tip to Hilton: You might want to go slow with the sauce and perhaps serve it separately. Adding some nuts into the salad also helps in spicing up the flavour and tasting experience.

Spectacular, those floor to ceiling glass windows are they not?

Coffee with a View to Amsterdam Centraal Station and Amsterdam North

After lunch we moved to the lounge area for coffee. The lounge area is very nice in the evening when the interior lighting is dimmed and you can see the evening lights from the buildings outside. Here we have the view to Amsterdam’s Central Station and Amsterdam Noord.

Amsterdam Centraal Station. The headquarters of the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen - Dutch National Railway) is in Utrecht though.

These are relatively expensive coffees! But they come with cookies, a nougat and chocolates coated with nuts.

If you come with the car there is parking underground. Follow the ‘Hotel’ sign when you get into the garage as it is shared by the whole block of buildings. If with the train, then its just a few metres walk from Amsterdam Central Station (to the left if you are facing the city).

Visit Period: June 2013
Destination: Oosterdokseiland, Amsterdam Centrum (North Holland), The Netherlands

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