Friday, November 01, 2013

Booked: Going to the North of Spain and the South of France

You all know I have a VERY ITCHY FEET, so I hatched another exciting getaway!

The original plot was, as I have been holding this off for the longest time, is a holiday to NYC-Niagara-Toronto with the Dutchman, but helaas this is not going to push through for the second time around this time, so I have decided to go ahead and do the most natural thing: BOOK ANOTHER SOLO TRIP SOMEWHERE NEARBY.

I really do not mind going solo during my trips but I would prefer to have someone with me (that I can get along with, and this is very important), unfortunately, life’s roads are not paved smoothly and easily like that. I have to grab and execute travel plans as the opportunity comes along.

So where am I going to the north of Spain and the south of France?

GIRONA is going to be my base in northern Spain

With side trips to Figueras (Salvador Dali!), Barcelona (I have been here before but I am allocating a day to feel the love and vibe of this city again) and perhaps to the quaint towns of Besalu and Cadaques.

CARCASSONNE is going to be my base in southern France

I have been wanting to visit this medieval gated city for years. And perhaps check in to Narbonne, Limoux, do a wine tasting or visit a vineyard or two. I will finalise this part of the trip when I am there.

So apart from the art, culture and history that I will be stifling myself with, there will be lots of gastronomy action to look forward to!

Weather check and it looks like it is going to be beautiful and sunny between 18C and 21C! Oh, I cannot wait. I am leaving soon people and will of course be blogging if there is internet connection.

Travel Period: November 2013
Destination: Spain and France

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

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