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Food Photo Essay of Boqueria Market in Barcelona

A foodie's dream in Barcelona.

And this as well. Give me those gran reserva por favor.

Boqueria Market in Barcelona
Information: Boqueria Market

This is my second visit to this amazing, colourful, delicious and enjoyable market. I have been to many markets around the world and for me this is one of the best. The colours and the smells really speak to my gastronomic senses. If only I can eat my way through the market by tasting every single thing. I however snacked on a jamon iberico and had a pulpo gallego lunch at Universal. In one word--Delicious.

I have nothing more to add because the pictures do not really need any introduction and will speak for themselves, except that.... please, please do not drool or bite the screen =)

There is by the way one picture below that might scare you off, so careful with scrolling down.

St, Josep La Boqueria, the Las Ramblas entrance.

I love chillies in my food and have a few dried ones stashed in the kitchen.

 Rovello or red pine mushrooms and candied fruits.

So nicely and prettily arranged.

Dragon fruits and figs.

Three different kinds of empanadillas on a stick.

A very pretty burrito.

Fresh fruit juices.

Cherimoyas (custard apple) and castanas (chestnuts).

The tropical fruit section: papaya, kaki (persimon), avocado and kiwis.

Umm, love the salami pinchos.

You cannot be in Spain and not try the many jamons.

There are many restaurant stalls in the market as well.

Salted cod fish (Bacalao) is a specialty in Catalonia, as well as its neighbour, Portugal.

I had this pulpo gallego for lunch, of course it was cooked =)

These pod razor shells are really good, steamed or grilled.

Goose barnacles and Oysters ready-to-eat.

Shellfish is another favourite of mine.

More chillies and garlic.

Restaurant stalls in the market were busy.

Empanada de carne (meat empanadas).

Literally goat heads. Hope this does not scare you off!

I wanted to eat here but the bar was full.

To see my pictures during my visit several years ago at this market, please go here: The Sights and Sounds of La Boqueria (2007)

Travel Period: November 2013
Destination: Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tapas/Raciones Dinner at Konig - Placa de la Independencia Girona: Jamon Iberico and Queso Fundido con Tomate

Perhaps not the best dinner when I was in Girona but still enjoyable because of its ambiance. When in Spain I rarely eat full meals because the Spanish love to eat morsels and little portions of food (tapas, raciones, montaditos, pinchos) throughout the day and into the night. My kind of eating style really.

In order for you not to get confused on the differences of these. A tapa is a small bite like a snack, while raciones are small portions of a dish and served on a plate. Montaditos on the other hand are little bread bites with something on top and pinchos (also spelled as pintxos) are bites or snack served on a stick.

Tapas/Raciones Dinner at Konig
Website: Konig

On my first night in Girona last November, I was craving for jamon. I settled myself at the Placa de la Independencia (Independence Square) also known as the Placa de Sant Augusti because the former convent of Sant Augusti was housed here. The square is a central place in the city where people gather during the day and into the night.

Konig, a German-Spanish restaurant with roots in Girona since 1973 has a nice terrace ambiance so I picked this among the many choices. Yep, I can be shallow at times, but I did check their menu and they have jamon iberico, so that should suffice.

The evening was not cold at all, quite mild for early winter and for someone from the north like me but the restaurants on the square have placed heaters proactively on the outdoor terraces. In Europe people always want to sit and eat outside. If the temperatures are bearable and coupled with the reinforcement of an outside heater, the terraces will naturally stay open. This is partially true in Eastern Europe. The terraces stay open even during winter.

I ordered a local red wine and a jamon iberico which was served with a plate of pan con tomate. I also added a small portion of 4 cheeses: queso fundido con tomate, just to try.

Jamon Iberico, this is good but the bellotas are the best still.

4 melted cheeses with tomatoes.

I am sticking with jamon iberico but I might let go of the melted queso next time unless they are not cooked, but then I would prefer a manchego please.

This dinner in my book is 3.7 stars out of 5.

Placa de la Independecia in Girona

Some pictures of the plaza at night and its neoclassical buildings and gallery on the collonaded square. Beautiful here.

The porticoes of the Placa de la Independencia are now home to cafes and restaurants.

Great place to hang out during the day and night.

Travel Period: November 2013
Destination: Girona (Girona - Catalonia), Spain

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