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The Bar Scene in Kampos/Votsalakia in Samos, Greece

Kampos/Votsalakia is part of the Marathokampos district which is located on the western part of Samos Island. It is the third largest tourist resort in Samos following after Pythagorion (where the airport and seaport are located) and Vathy (the capital of the island), as well as Kokkari. It takes about an hour to get to Marathokampos area from the airport.

Compared to Pythagorion and Vathy, Marathokampos is super laid back. In fact Samos Island as a whole is not as tourist infested holiday island compared for example to the popular Greek Islands, i.e. Crete, Corfu, Kos, Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodos. Samos does not have the mob of holidaymakers. Can you just imagine what our nook in the island is like? QUIET. Not really a place I would recommend for young people who are searching for night life action.

At the Cafe Cocktail Bar. We love those Greek Frappe Coffees =)

Bar Scene at Kampos/Votsalakia

I have here a list of some of the bars that are open in the evening. This part of the island is super duper laid back and the streets of Kampos/Votsalakia in the evening can sometimes be deserted. The bar scene is spread out a bit on the almost 2-kilometre stretch main road along the coast and there are even deserted and dark areas in between.

Having said that, there is not much to expect. I am sure there are more night life opportunities in Pythagorion, Kokkari and Vathy. For this holiday we also prefer solitude and tranquility.

CAFE COCKTAIL BAR - Perhaps the most popular bar in town ran I think by a father and son team who speaks a few words in Dutch, German and Swedish/Danish/Norse. We came here often for coffee and booze after dinner. They have a beach area with sunbeds as well.

The bar has two seating areas, along the road and on the beach.

These drinks were on different evenings. Some evenings we just want coffee and other evenings a little bit of booze.

FLAVOUR BAR - This is located beside the Cafe Cocktail Bar. They have huge TV's hanging in the main bar. The establishment has also a beach sitting area with tables and chairs as well as sun beds that they serve during the day.

Black coffee for me and Cappuccino for the Dutchman. 

COSMOS Bar - This bar is on the main road, as well as on the beach. We however noticed that the bar closes early in the evening and sometimes is not even open at all!

VOTSALAKIA CAFE BAR - Annexed to the Tavern Votsalakia where we had dinner one time. This bar offers an indoor terrace venue as well as outdoor terrace. A very nice place that is situated right on the main road but also on the beach side.

Italian Cappuccino and Greek Coffee =)

HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH BAR - This is the last bar on the main street (beside a supermarket) before reaching the border of the village. They have a nice atmosphere and seems to be popular with the locals.

I need some hard pure liquor for the night =)

There were other bar and cafe places in the beach resort area but these were the ones that were open in the evening and have visited.

Travel Period: June-July 2013
Destination: Kampos / Votsalakia (Samos Island), Greece

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