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Dinner at Ron Gastrobar in Amsterdam

Let's back track in time, to Christmastime last year =)

Light Dinner at Ron Gastrobar
Website: Ron Gastrobar

In December of last year, Bru and I went to celebrate our holiday season's dinner which was just a few days before Christmas at Ron Gastrobar in Amsterdam Zuid. This is a relatively new restaurant last year and quite famous as well because the owner is the Netherland's renowned and crowned 2-star Michelin topchef Ron Blauw (from the Ron Blauw restaurants).

Ron Blauw Restaurants have ceased operations though and as told in the local news the acclaimed chef wanted something else in his career. He found a new mission. He wants to bring haute cuisine to everyday people by making it affordable. I can only think along the DISRUPT logic. Many businesses in general nowadays have adopted this type of philosophy in order for them to stay competitive in the market. Although I am not sure if this was his goal. When you are accomplished in your field, sometimes money is not anymore the motivating factor. You just want to make a statement.

Nevertheless, Ron Gastrobar was opened serving affordable (all dishes at 15 euros!), modern and hip haute cuisine food to the supposed to be less uptight crowd, and in just a year's time from its opening the restaurant received its first 1-Michelin star. Great job huh?

This is perhaps the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the Netherlands. But I do warn you, it really is not  that cheap as cheap. If you want to eat right, you will pay at least 70-100 euros for 2, which of course is much cheaper than the usual Michelin starred restaurants. The 15-euro dishes are small and you need to have at least 2 + drinks + coffee + something else maybe, you get the drill =)

So we started with some bread (in the paper pouch) with butter and cracklings (this was GORGEOUS!) and some marinated preserved olives.

We did not reserve a table so they gave us a seat at the bar.

But then one of the staff re-seated us and gave us the best seat at the bar. We have the whole view of everyone at the bar =) Nice, thanks!

The menu is printed in newsletter-style and with the Merry Christmas message. This was after all last December.

A little 'haute' burger.

Grilled cray fish on a bed of spinach.

Three types of stinky cheeses with fruit bread and jam.

Little ice cream desserts. Yummy!

The restaurant has its own dry aged meat collection for the serious meat eater.

Then we had coffee but I have no idea what these condiments were, except for the white which is I am sure is sugar.

I had a good time here at Ron Gastrobar and the food was quite good. 4.3 stars out of 5 in my book. Although I must admit that I did expect more.

I guess this is the hardest part for a chef and restaurant owner who is much accomplished in his career. Your previous credentials follow you everywhere and your present ventures are judged based on them.

Visit Period: December 2013
Destination: Amsterdam Zuid (Amsterdam - North Holland), The Netherlands

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