Saturday, May 31, 2014

Postcards from Eger, Lillafured & Miskolc (Hungary)

Beautiful towns and cities in the north eastern part of Hungary.

Except for Eger, I did not really encounter tourists. In Miskolc, people were staring at me because I guess I stood out. The only coloured person in town with a little camera =)


Eger is perhaps the most picturesque but it is undergoing a massive street renovation in the city centre.

Panoramic view of the city from the castle ruins.


Lillafured is a nice nature oasis in the mountains that locals love to hie away during the weekend or on special public holidays. I have even seen school excursions here.

The tallest waterfalls in Hungary is found here at Lillafured, 12 kilometres from Miskolc.

The palace hotel with hanging gardens in the forest mountains.


Miskolc on the other hand is a thriving city with lovely pastel-coloured architecture.

The main downtown street of Miskolc is a pedestrian and trams only zone.

Soon, more about these gorgeous Hungarian little cities.

Travel Period: May 2014
Destination: Eger, Lillafured & Miskolc (Northern Hungary), Hungary

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