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A Schnitzel Lunch at Hotel Stern on the Market Square of Monschau, Germany

I first heard about Monschau many years ago when I was searching for German Christmas Markets near the Dutch border. I have been to most German Christmas Markets nearby so a recommended new city or village is always welcome.

However, I never made it to Monschau for the Christmas Markets. When I missed my flight to Riga (Latvia) last March, the opportunity came through. I just could not sit back at home and sulk for the stupid mistake I made, and I thought that Monschau would look stunning anyway outside the Christmas season, so I arranged a day trip, and another day trip to Lille, France as well. It was the best decision I made to correct a heartbreak (of missing a flight and a holiday).

This is my car route; from Utrecht to Monschau is about 2 and a half hours drive.

You can move the map by holding it with your mouse, as well as zoom it in and out by clicking on the + and - signs at the lower right hand side.

I parked at the garage in the entrance of the village and walked to the centre. It was around lunch time when I arrived so I did a quick survey in the village square which restaurant is best to sit down. I wanted to eat outside where I have a good view of the market square, so I picked a cafe terrace beside the River Rur. While wondering which restaurant belonged the table I picked, I saw a smiling woman coming out of the hotel across the river, she walked on the little bridge and came to me. She greeted me in German and presented the menu.

Oh why, how nice! The cafe terrace belongs to Hotel zum Stern across the river. I did not expect that. Cool.

And because I am in Germany I felt obliged to order something typically German such as a schnitzel. They have an affordable choice of menus and I delightfully picked one with the schnitzel.

Trivia: Did you know that schnitzel is not only popularised by Germany and (especially) Austria? In the north of Italy, especially in Milan, this type of dish is very popular as well, and it goes back to the Middle Ages. They call it Cotoletta Milanese.

And good news! I tried the Cotoletta Milanese when I was in Milan last May. I will post soon an entry about this.

The Monschau market square.

The beautiful half-timbered houses on the River Rur flowing through the village.

I was lucky with the weather. It was dry, very little wind and the blue skies came out of the clouds from time to time.

I took a table beside the River Rur and I have a nice view of the market square as well.

Little did I know that the cafe terrace belonged to this hotel across the river, Hotel zum Stern. Yes, the wait staff had to walk on the little bridge everytime.

I ordered Spritz for my drink, and the starter arrived: hot vegetable soup.

Then the main meal arrived: Schnitzel with mushroom and pepper sauce and fries. Unfortunately, the schnitzel is burried under the sauce.

The thin schnitzel. It was good, nothing poor or spectacular. I heard the best schnitzel is in Berlin. I might have to go back there.

I have a very nice view to the market square. A little bit on the side line but with the perfect view to people watch.

Instead of the dessert, I asked for coffee. They have no espresso, only normal coffee.

Hotel zum Stern is right on the corner and they occupy only a little part of the cafe terrace on the market square.

After this lunch I will be checking out every nook and cranny of the village =)

Travel Period: March 2014
Destination: Monschau (North Rhine Westphalia), Germany

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