Thursday, June 25, 2015

Awesome Views to Antisamos Beach in Kefalonia, Greece

We are not yet halfway through our holiday here in Kefalonia Island, Greece so there are still many beaches lined up on our list to visit, but so far this is my (our actually) favourite beach, the Antisamos Beach in Sami. Well, for now it is, so we shall see!

It is an enclosed bay beach surrounded with foliage. The scenery here is just stunning and it gets even better when you are actually standing on the beach and looking out to the sea and the hills enclosing it. Beautiful. Dutchman and I fell in love with Antisamos.

I took lots of pictures of Antisamos Beach and will post them all another time.

TRIVIA: Did you know that the film set of Captain Corelli's Mandolin was based (they camped here) at this beach?

The novel was staged in Kefalonia and was also filmed on site (circa 2000), starring Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz. I did not watch the film and have no plans watching it as well, this was after knowing the highlights of the story. Harsh as it may seem, but I really have no tolerance for stupid love so to speak. When it comes to serious things such as matters of the heart -- Never assume anything.

Antisamos is located in Sami near the town centre:

Antisamos is about 30 kilometres from the capital city, Argostoli.

This is the lookout just before reaching Antisamos Beach.

Antisamos Beach is an enclosed bay beach very near the port of Sami.

Antisamos beach is not too big yet not too small as well. There are two beach bars here. It is a shingle beach (big and small white pebbles) which I do not mind at all.

A frozen margarita on the beach sounds just right.

From the beach of Antisamos, the view is gorgeous. The whole setting is just beautiful here.

Travel Period: June 2015
Destination: Antisamos Beach, Sami (Kefalonia - Ionian Islands), Greece

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