Sunday, June 28, 2015

Free Roaming (Semi) Wild Goats in Kefalonia, Greece

This is one of the reasons why we love the Greek Islands. Not only are the landscape smashing, the beaches beautiful, the local culture alive, the houses and buildings remain traditional, but the animals roam around freely in the islands as well!

You are very close to nature in the Greek Islands.

In Kefalonia there is quite a number of (semi) wild goats roaming around freely. They look wild to me, and are treated wild as well since they roam around freely in the island. Although the ones we saw have been ear tagged so I guess they are not really wild at all, hence semi wild. I am making it so complicated, haha. Because they are technically speaking set free, most of the goats react with wild animal instinct. They scurry away when they see any moving object, including humans, nearing them.

I guess this is one thing motorists need to be careful about when driving here. This herd of goats in the pictures we encountered in the northen part of Kefalonia, in the Erisos area.

Other roaming furry animals, especially in the evening, that one has to be careful about are the squirrels and our domesticated friends, cats and even dogs. Outside the towns and villages the roads are not lighted, and these animals can jump right in front of you anytime. We have encountered a squirrel that panicked in front of us and we passed by 2 dead cats lying in the middle of the road, both victims of hit and run. Aw, poor cats =(

A stoplight in the middle of nowhere =) and there was no traffic even!

These goats like sitting or standing on top of rocks =)

You can't be driving fast with these lovely creatures roaming around the island and on the roads.

The beautiful lush mountain scenery of Kefalonia in the north. Lots of rolling hills, pine trees and olive mangroves here.

And the coast as well are quite dramatic and rugged.

And so we spotted more goats on the roads! Mmmm, feta cheese =)

Travel Period: June 2015
Destination: Erisos (Kefalonia - Ionian Islands), Greece

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