Wednesday, July 01, 2015

What I am reading in my Kefalonian Holiday

I borrowed Dutch sister's two Dan Brown books: Inferno and Het Bernini Mysterie (Angels & Demons in English)

Moi here lounging by the pool of our apartment in Leviathos reading Inferno =). The version I am reading here is Dutch.

I have actually started reading the Bernini Mysterie aka Angels & Demons but then I realised that I have seen the movie on TV a while back, so halfway through I decided to stop reading it. It is not exciting anymore because I knew how the story will end. So I have switched to the second book, the Inferno. I am halfway through the book now and looking forward to finish it before the holiday ends.

It has been a long time since I read books during summer holidays. So this is a refreshing add-on to the holiday.

Question: Do you (still) buy/read paperback books?

Dutchman on the other hand prefer to read books and magazines through his little tablet.

Travel Period: June 2015
Destination: Leviathos (Kefalonia - Ionian Islands), Greece

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