Monday, September 28, 2015

Mobile Street Cleaners & Plant Waterers in Montreal, Canada

I found this yesterday while walking around Montreal with my niece:

Aren't they just cool? The guy is a city street cleaner and plant waterer. He goes around the city centre with his bike equipped with all the things he needs for his job. A trash bin, broom and dustpan, and of course a water tank with a hose.

A very well thought of piece of invention that makes street cleaning and plant watering around the city rather easy. Montreal you know has many lovely plant and colourful flower boxes.

So we thought this was pretty cool =)

Here he is on the go to the next street and plant and flower box.

Rue McGill or McGill Street.

Travel Period: September 2015
Destination: Montreal (Quebec), Canada

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Almost Britishly Naked at the Covent Garden

I have been super duper busy this week that when I get home I just do not have the energy to blog.

Anyway, to cheer myself up, I am reminded of this really funny guy I saw last March at the Covent Garden in London.

So Britishly made up from head to toe!

There are lots of street and just around the corner performances going on here at the Covent Garden. So when you are here you can always expect an impromptu show or something.

If you do watch these street artists and performers, do offer your appreciation with a little bit of money. They are not doing this for free. They need to earn as well.

Quite popular eh? =)

He managed to get a good gathering around him.

Travel Period: March 2015
Destination: London (England), United Kingdom

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tokyo: Shibuya to Harajuku Street Scenes

These are pictures during our walk from Shibuya Station to the Harajuku area.

We got lost actually and we were going around in circles. It just takes 20 minutes walk from Shibuya Station to the Harajuku area but I think it took us almost an hour! I was not feeling well as I was sick but what can you do? We could have taken a cab but walking (strolling pace) was also fine. So I just took pictures along the way =)

We passed by the famous Takeshita Street and had some late lunch in one of the areas in Harajuku, just across Takeshita.

We actually wanted to spot some of the cosplay kids (costume play attires), as well as the lolita's (girls dressing up like lolita's) but it wasn't a very good day as we didn't see much of them. This is one of the things I would like to see when I return to Japan.

This is the area of Shibuya:

We did not walk that straight line. We went in circles! Which took us almost an hour. Nevertheless, we have seen a lot.

The famous Shibuya Crossing. Vehicular traffic from all sides stop when pedestrians cross.

This chinky snow white girl is promoting eyelid surgery which is very popular in the chinky-eyed Asian countries. I just do not understand why she has to dress up in a snow white costume.

These ceramic pots outside a restaurant (I guess) had me wondering what they are all about.

I sometimes have this feeling that it looks the same everywhere in Tokyo.

I have to take off my face mask for this photo shoot =). If you exhibit coughing in public, you must wear a face mask because the looks of everyone else, especially in the metro, can kill!

We saw this disoriented lady who sat on a corner street. I knew right away that something is wrong with her. Within seconds, the ambulance arrived and they took her in a stretcher. She must have felt an attack coming.

Biking in Tokyo is quite popular.

Must be one of the girl bands which they call J-pop bands. This trend is big in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Nice building of the Harajuku Metro. 

We wanted to eat at this tiny restaurant in Harajuku but they only accept cash and we want to pay with the card because we were low with Yen.

Travel Period: November 2014
Destination: Harajuku, Shibuya (Tokyo), Japan

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Breakfast at Haneda Airport: Natto, Sashimi & Raw Octopus

This was during one of my transfers last year 2014. I have just arrived at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo from Manila. My next flight is not until 4 hours later at the Haneda Domestic Airport which means I have to take the shuttle bus outside the airport to get there.

I also wanted to rest a bit my feet. I was just recovering from Pneumonia that sent me to a week in the hospital and I need to take care of myself and not exert too much effort. Moreover, I was craving for some raw fish so I searched for a place to sit down, relax and eat.

I found this restaurant amongst the cluster of restaurants just above the check-in counters. It was dawn, very early in the morning and this is one of the very few restaurants that operate on a 24-hour basis.

Well, I had the place all to myself =)

Smoking indoors is still very much allowed in Japan. I used to smoke before but after my Pneumonia sickness I cannot stand smoke. I really had a 360-degree turn.

I have the whole place to my self =)

Here’s what I had for breakfast: A small bowl of sashimi. A little portion of raw octopus and seaweeds, luckily it is not the live version! I also ordered some natto and this dish belongs to the acquired taste category. I do like it and I can see myself eating this a lot if I live in Japan.

Fresh sashimi slices with wasabi.

Raw octopus with seaweeds.

Natto are fermented soybeans. They are very salty and best eaten with rice. The wait staff was very nice, they printed a wikepedia entry about natto for me =). Now that is Japanese style service. Service that does not accept tips! I like that.

The restaurant overlooks the check-in counters of Haneda International Airport.

Travel Period: November 2014
Destination: Ota (Tokyo), Japan

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fate and Crystal Palace Pub in Bath, England

I don’t like going to pubs on my own. I always thought that it’s a place to hang out with other people, and if you are still going anyway that means that you are open to meet people. Strangers. Although the opposite sex might think you want to be picked up =) *eyes rolling*

In England though, and I guess all over the United Kingdom, the pub is like an extension of the living room. The local neighbourhood go there to eat, drink and gossip. So if you are a foreigner or visitor, you will notice that everyone seem to know each other. In bigger cities it may be different as many people come and go compared to the regular mainstays.

Now I came here at Crystal Palace pub as I am supposed to meet an English man who I know from a forum almost a decade ago. He is married to a Filipina and they wanted to meet. I left a message on Facebook to meet him (his wife is working in the evening at a hotel nearby) at the Crystal Palace pub but I guess he didn’t see my message on time.

I spent however the time at Crystal Palace productively. Writing postcards and drinking a pint. I always send postcards to family and a dear friend. It has become a tradition.

Nevertheless, fate had its own ways and we bumped into each other at the Abbey Cathedral. He has been looking for me! And I am glad he recognised me quickly. I tell you, the pictures do not lie haha. We then decided to go to his wife’s workplace and have tea there.

So you see, everything worked out in the end. Fate =)

The pub has a nice and cosy living room set up complete with a fireplace.

Writing postcards and a pint.

It was Mothers Day weekend.

The Crystal Palace pub is located on Abbey Green where my studio apartment (the Abbey House) is situated as well. It is in fact my view when I am watching the TV in the evening.

Here is moi having a selfie in my studio apartment's living room during the day and you can see the Crystal Palace pub in the background:

Travel Period: March 2015
Destination: Bath, Somerset (South West – England), United Kingdom

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