Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Carnaval Season Kick-Off in Cologne, Germany

When it comes to carnaval in Germany, the biggest and most craziest place in the country is hands down Cologne. Today marks the kick-off of the carnaval season in Europe and oh boy did I went to the right place.

You know I am really seriously working here...

I was not able to take a lot of pictures because the crowds in Cologne were quite rowdy and boisterous. It was a bit difficult to capture the whole carnaval madness so these are the only few shots I managed to steal at the Cologne Hauptbahnhof.

The costumes were just simply hilarious. I was surprised at the variety! And oh, the themes as well! Goodness heavens, ze Germans, haha. I really wished I had a day off just snapping pictures of everyone's out of this world outfits. But helaas, I had to work.

These guys were standing near the office:

Travel Period: November 2015
Destination: Cologne (North Rhine Westphalia), Germany

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