Friday, November 13, 2015

Shopping and Poffertjes in Amstelveen, Netherlands

Last month (October) I was in Amstelveen visiting Blondine, afterwhich I dropped by at the shopping center to pick up a few items. I was craving for some stinky, creamy and spicy cheese and some dried fig cakebread.

If there is anything, the Amstelveen shopping center (Winkelcentrum Stadshart Amstelveen), which is a network of modern complexes aka mall is perhaps the biggest indoor shopping experience the Netherlands has to offer. The Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht used to have the crown, which is by the way currently being renovated. But nowadays, the place to be for shopping is definitely Amstelveen.

I came here however not to really shop like most women do. Shopping has some bad effect on me: It makes me tired and bored. I get impatient. I see it as a mindless activity which only brings disastrous repercussions to my bank account. But I have to honestly admit that it is a necessary evil sometimes. Sometimes.

So I managed to buy some cheese and dried figs. And oh, a little portion of poffertjes as well.

Amstelveen is very near to Amsterdam and many expats live here due to the proximity to the capital city, to the business centres and the Schiphol airport.

A modern network of indoor shopping malls, which is rare in the Netherlands.

Their theme: Unexpected Shopping at Stadshart Amsteelveen.

One of the network of shopping complexes. In the Netherlands, residential and commercial buildings live by side side. Above the indoor shopping mall are residential apartments.

Where I bought my stinky cheese and dried figs.

Poffertjes are typically Dutch. They are mini pancakes similar to the Russian blinis without caviar.

Smakkelijk eten allemaal!

Visit Period: October 2015
Destination: Amstelveen (North Holland), The Netherlands

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