Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nydri, Lefkada (Greece): Chilling Out at the Pool

Geia sou! (Γειά σου) That’s “hello there” in Greek =)

This is our cute pool at our small boutique hotel resort in Nydri, Lefkada. I will blog separately the hotel resort and mention its name after the holiday.

The nice thing about this hotel is that the pool is located in front of the breakfast/restaurant/cafe area. From the eating area we enjoy a lovely view of the blue curvy swimming pool, the pool bar, the decked sunbeds and the inland lake of the marina. We could see the boats passing by.

After breakfast we would usually hang out here at the pool before we go on an excursion in the island with our rental car. There was a day that we just hanged out here the whole day as well. Today, we will hang out here again, and perhaps go somewhere later in the afternoon to find a cosy beach, and in the evening, have dinner at a nice place.

Because this is a small hotel, the pool area is never crowded. One of our biggest pet peeves are large holiday resort hotel complexes (think along the 4/5-star kind) with a crowded swimming pool. Guests fighting for a sunbed and their share of space around the pool and children running around, screaming and diving into the water. Well, as you can see, not here though =)

Here are a few more pictures I took.

I bought a new hat =)

One of our breakfasts at the hotel with the eating area facing the pool.

Chilling out here with a book from Terry Hayes "I am Pilgrim". It is a very good book and I am enjoying it immensely. It's suspense; a thriller book about the police and underworld, as well as secret intelligence and terrorism on the rise -- the life and activities of an undercover agent, murder cases and more.

The hotel resort is located near the marina with the water of the inland lake just in front of us,

Travel Period: June 2016
Destination: Nydri, Ellomenos (Lefkada - Ionian Islands), Greece

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