Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Gin and Plateau Fruits de Mer at Mossel & Gin

Nothing stands between me and my (extreme) food craving, especially when its my favourite -- seafood. Yup, no one! I am sure many can relate with me. Well, can you? =)

Last March, I had an intense craving for Fruits de Mer. The absence of the Dutchman who was on business trip during this time just heightened the whole craving episode. Which means I do not have to go home early and cook, but I can go somewhere and stuff myself with mouth-watering seafood =)

So I went right away to work and employed the help of Google, searching for a fish restaurant near my work place. I am lazy and I didn’t want to travel far so any restaurant serving fruits de mer near my office in Amsterdam West would suffice.

This is how I found Mossel & Gin which is just a few bus stops away or a 15 minute walk. The reviews online were very promising as well making my food craving shoot up the roof, haha. So I made the online reservation, came and seated myself at the upper floor with the view of the diners on the ground floor. I was on my own so I didn’t mind sitting upstairs alone. It gave me exactly the privacy I needed to eat a huge plate of seafood for 2, all by myself. *grins*

Never ever be ashamed to treat yourself, you can always improvise!

The plateau fruits de mer is good for 2 people but I ate it all. Greedy much eh? Well, most people share the big plate as a starter, and then afterwards, order each a main course. But not for me, I just ate the whole plate of shellfish and crustacean goodness. It is both my starter and main course, and my dessert is coffee.

This is a dinner that I am very pleased about. The shellfishes were fresh and juicy. I had delicious prawns that were lightly steamed. I wish I ordered extra oysters. They also served it with bread, fries and fennel salad, all complementing well.

But the surprise factor for this dinner here at Mossel & Gin was the GIN itself.

The guy who was serving me, not sure if he was the owner but he seemed confident enough to be giving directions to some of the staff, helped pick a gin concoction from the menu for me. I cannot remember what it was but it tasted really, really, really good. Sharp, citrusy and fresh which went well with my fruits de mer. It was like wow at first sip.

The restaurant is located in Westerpark, in the Westergasfabriek terrain of Amsterdam West (outside the core city centre). They have a nice outdoor terrace for the warmer months.

Great place for all the seafood lovers out there, but I’d say – come here for their gin concoctions!

To get here with public transport, take bus 21 from Amsterdam Centraal and get off at Westerpark (Bus stop: Van Hallstraat).

The interior design is industrial modern style. They have the map of Zeeland (a region in the Netherlands) on the wall, the main producer of mussels in the country, if not in Europe.

I seated myself in the upper floor because I was alone and I wanted to people watch all the diners below as I eat my fruit de mer for 2 on my own. 

This was a lovely gin concotion. Sharp, citrusy and fresh. Looking at this plateau fruits de mer is giving me again the craving.

It looks huge, but the meat is minuscule compared to the pan, the shells and all that rubbery seaweeds. So I am not guilty for eating all this myself.

Coffee for dessert and a little chocolate =)

Travel Period: March 2016
Destination: Amsterdam West (Amsterdam – North Holland), the Netherlands

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