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Part Four of “Het Loo” Palace: The Horse Carriage Parade and Lunch at Restaurant de Balzaal

This is the last of the 4 series of posts about the “Het Loo” Palace. I had to divide them in several posts because I took so many pictures, and of course I would like to post and share them in the blog.

Writing as well takes time and needs a lot of passion and inspiration. The main reason why I am able to keep this blog afloat writing everyday whilst working fulltime and managing a household, well aside from my desire to journal a part of my life, is that -- I am micro-blogging per subject and activity. Ergo, I am blogging short snippets of my life (travel and lifestyle related) into short stories, and is therefore manageable =)

So the finale of our visit last May in Apeldoorn was the late lunch at Restaurant de Balzaal and the horse carriage parade.

The palace has actually 3 eating places: The Prins Henrik Garage Café, Restaurant de Balzaal (for snacks and lunches) and Koningin Wilhelminazaal (only for the royal high tea arrangement).

We were thinking initially of doing the royal high tea but then decided not to because I was not in the mood to eat sweet and pastry stuff. Bru also just wanted to eat something small and normal. For the royal high tea arrangement, you will have to reserve in advance via the website or at least 1 hour before on site. So that leaves us with the option for lunch at the Restaurant de Balzaal which has a nice outdoor terrace by the way.

We got seated outside and ordered our drinks and salads for lunch. Bru decided for the Salade Nicoise – Salad of lima beans, tuna, haricots verts, egg, roasted tomato, sweet pepper, mustard and black olives mixed with balsamic vinaigrette. I on the other hand took a more exotic option, Salade Tabouleh – Couscous salad with chicken, tomato, mint, parsley and lemon, served with hummus and flat bread.

While having lunch we heard some noise and music outside the front courtyard and I quickly realised that this must have been the horse carriage parade that happens only during certain months and days (during holiday periods). So Bru and I took turns going out to watch the show parade.

It was very nice to see the old horse carriages with its passengers dressed in lavish 18th and early 19th century fashionable costumes. The horses as well looked very healthy and beautiful.

After the lunch, Bru and I managed to have a quick stroll in the garden before we were reminded by personnel that it is almost 17:00 and they are closing down the palace for the day. We were literally forced out of the gardens haha. Time flew so quick when you are having fun.

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Bru sitting outside the terrace of the restaurant.

Our salade lunch.

The terrace of Restaurant de Balzaal is quite nice, green and fresh, but it would have been more nicer and perhaps a bit more colourful if there were flowers.

This is Salade Nicoise.

And this one is Salade Tabouleh, which has a vegan option.

This is the Koningen Wilhelminazaal where the exclusive royal High Tea is served. This room is much more beautiful and elegant than than the Balzaal.

Coffee and chocolate with the photo of the ex-Queen Beatrix now called Princess Beatrix. She gave up her throne a few years ago for her son, King Willem Alexander.

(Only during certain months and days)

We were delighted to have witnessed the horse carriage parade show!

Each of the horse carriage stops in front of the palace before moving on forward.

The passengers were dressed in 18th century and early 19th century costumes.


The palace gardens walking areas are covered in decorative white gravel stones.

The view of the palace from the back of the gardens.

Travel Period: May 2016
Destination: Apeldoorn (Gelderland), the Netherlands

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