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Taipei: A Quirky ‘Toilet Dinner’ at Modern Toilet Restaurant in Ximending

Most people would have probably read about the famous Modern Toilet Restaurants online or have seen it one way or another whilst visiting Taiwan, however, I came across Modern Toilet on a different venue, on Google Maps. Although I believe I have read an article circulating about them a few years ago but I never really took note that they were based in Taipei. It did not ring a bell, but Google Maps did find it for me nonetheless.

Toilet Dinner

My very toilet inspired dinner. Hungry now?

Modern Toilet

The Modern Toilet Restaurant in Ximending is beside 7-11 and above Rainbow Pixy.

I was on Google Maps checking the exact location of my hotel in Ximending when I saw Modern Toilet listed just a block away. The name is catchy of course. So I clicked on the link, visited their website and saw their concept. Then I remembered that I have read about them a few years back. I was so entertained at the thought of having some perverse toilet humour during a meal, so I promised to drop by.

Tip: Business owners, make sure your business is listed on Google Maps. When I plan my trips, I always inspect the places I am visiting on Google Maps ( the hotel I am staying, the restaurants, places to sightsee, etcetera), and I can stay glued on to it for hours until my eyes glaze over the screen. Guess what? I am no different than your next customer who is perhaps more internet savvier than me.

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My original plan was to have lunch here but that didn’t happen due to other things that came up. Instead, I came here for dinner.

The restaurant in Ximending has 3-levels and I settled for a table on the 1st level (or I guess this is the 2nd level in Asia). At the entrance by the staircase, I was greeted by a male and female toilet sign, which was a very suitable welcome I reckon. Nothing could have been more accurate -- Welcome to the toilet! Haha. As I climb to the 1st level I see drainage pipes showcased as decorations and bathroom toilet tiles as walls. On the restaurant floor, toilet bowls were being used as seats and lavatories with transparent glass tops as tables. In the middle of each lavatory is a swirling brown poop sitting unabashedly. Its (fake) faeces up close and personal for proper scrutiny while eating. What a brilliant idea.

For sure this place is not for the squeamish type. You have been warned.

Because I have been racking up my taste buds with the local street food fare, I was not in any inclination looking to settle for something heavy such as meat, and I was just curious about this restaurant really. I decided to order a vegetarian hot pot meal that came with a dessert and a beverage (I chose hot tea).

The hot tea quickly arrived in a toilet mug. I thought at first, oh wow, that is cool. Then the vegetarian hot pot came, served in none other than in a mini toilet bowl with a ladle spoon. I think the whole presentation just looked pretty hilarious and provocative. Yes, I am eating in a toilet bowl, haha. I came here precisely to be entertained by these eccentric toilet tableware and not really for the grub. Which I was right though because the vegetarian hot pot was not something to dream about, but it surely was something you could deposit in the toilet at the end of the day. Ooops, my bad. #sarcasm

Then as the last on my ordered menu, the dessert. This was a swirling chocolate ice cream formed like an excreta and served on a squat toilet ceramic plate. Although I would argue that it looked more like a bidet. The ice cream was, well, your usual ice cream.

The positive side experience: All these poop and toilet tableware paraphernalia makes good photo material, great to rave about to your friends, and on this blog as well =)

But there is one thing though that was very interesting from the very start at this restaurant. Filipinos. I swear there were 4 other Filipino tourist groups present during my dinner on the 1st level. I thought it was a bit remarkable to be sitting in a toilet restaurant in Taipei with so many Filipinos? What is it with the toilet inclination? Hmm...

In summary, Modern Toilet Restaurant needs to majorly improve their vegetarian hot pot. I can’t vouch for the other dishes, though. But I think for curiosity’s sake, this is a great place to go to, at least once in your lifetime when you are visiting Taipei. It’s all about the fun people!

Well, hello there... Welcome to the toilet!

My hot tea in a toilet seat mug. Each table has a lavatory with a swirling brown poop sitting in it for detailed scrutiny while eating.

Modern Toilet

Lavatories and toilet bowls for the win! Even the lights are formed like a swirling turd.

Yours truly posing with my unfinished fare of vegetarian hot potty in a mini toilet bowl. You come here for the experience, not really to eat but to be entertained.

Modern Toilet

My vegetarian hot pot with rice and some spices. If you come here, order something different unless you are a vegetarian.

Modern Toilet

There goes my poop, er I mean, my dessert!

Travel Period: January 2017
Destination: Ximending, Wanhua District (Taipei), Taiwan

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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