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Mostar: The Tale of the Crooked Bridge Hotel (Kriva Cuprija Hotel & Bridge)

When Bubbles and I were looking for hotels in Mostar, we both decided that we will stay in the Old Town and that it must be very central, in the core center and with a great view.

The hotel entrance from the main road.

We found the Kriva Cuprija Hotel online and were right away smitten by its ambience. We booked the room with the balcony and a view to the Old Town. We are only staying for a night in Mostar so we made sure that upon stepping out of the hotel, we are stepping into the Old Town. This was very important to us.

The hotel is named after the Kriva Cuprija bridge which means ‘Crooked Bridge’. It is a small stone one-arched bridge that closely resembles the UNESCO world-heritage Stari Most (Old Bridge), the iconic symbol of Mostar. The small arched bridge is located right at the foot of the hotel with the Radobolja creek flowing under it. Umm, sounds very romantic, huh? =)

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The surrounding views from the hotel's entrance on the main road.

A nice outdoor eating and lounge area of the hotel's restaurant. This is by the main entrance.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by a friendly hotel staff. The female staff ushered us to the indoor restaurant for a short briefing and gave us fresh fruit juice drinks. She explained some of the things that we can expect during our stay, such as what time the breakfast starts and where we can park the car. She wanted to know as well if we will be eating at the restaurant but Bubbles and I prefer to eat outside in the centre of the Old Town.

Our room is nicely situated on the top of the hotel building which looked like a funky network of houses made of rough slate stone looking down to a small nostalgic stream. From our room, we have a great view of the Radobolja creek which flows through to the Neretva River, the Nezir-agina dzamija mosque, the old Mostar village and an unobstructed panorama of the valley.

We loved the fact that we have a small balcony, this was I guess the main highlight of this room. I managed to spend some time here the next morning, enjoying the scenery as the sun rises up from its deep slumber and later, having tea as I watch the village start to roll for the day. In my travels, when the apartment or hotel I booked has a balcony with a nice view, I always take full advantage of it by using it in the early mornings before everyone is awake.

Breakfast was buffet style and quite a variety. The hotel has a number of outdoor nooks and terraces, the main one is located in the front yard of the restaurant and the other in the balcony with views to the creek. I met an English woman who was staying as well at the hotel after breakfast and she was so much head over heels about the place, the hotel and Mostar old town. She was very delighted. We both agreed that staying a night in Mostar is enough, especially if you only come here to see the Old Town.

This is the indoor restaurant where breakfast is also held.

On a whole, we very much enjoyed this hotel. This is one of the best stays we have experienced during this Balkan Road Trip, thus, we highly recommend this. The advantage of Kriva Cuprija is definitely it's strategic and romantic location, right in the smack of Mostar Old Town and by the Kriva Cuprija bridge. But also the ambience, the views if you have a balcony (we recommend) in your room and the very near to a parking if you come with a car, they all count to a very positive experience.

Perhaps, the downside of this hotel is the never-ending rocky steps and the staircases to the room. We have to climb a flight of 3-level stairs to get to our room. Of course, once up, we were rewarded with an expanse of lovely views. We shouldn’t complain, huh? Also because the hotel staff was generous enough to carry our luggage up and down.

Bubbles was looking at our heavy luggage with utter disdain and was like, "You cannot let me carry that down that rocky stairs!" Well, not realising the fact that once you have brought the luggage down to the reception, you have to bring it up again (3 levels!) to our room. Yikes. So we had help. *sigh* Thank you very much!

Oh, the other thing we did not like was the strong perfumery odour in the room. I had the idea that the cleaner accidentally poured her bottle of perfume in the room, haha. We have informed the hotel though that too much scent in the room can irritate guests.

I learned as well that the hotel was built in 1998, quite fairly new compared to the houses in Mostar Old Town, but with the Yugoslav War in the region and the devastating flood in Mostar in 2000, things have sadly taken its toll, however, the hotel was later restored in 2006 and 2010.

Just an FYI: The war in the defunct Yugoslavia happened between 1991 and 2001 and the famous Siege of Mostar took place in 1992 through 1994. There are a lot of information about the war available on the internet.

TIP: There is parking for 10 Euro a day nearby. It is a small parking lot manned by a store just around the corner from the Kriva Cuprija Hotel. During the weekend, the streets are free to park but finding an available space is the challenge.

The pictures: (It is a lot!)

Our spacious room with the twin beds. Simple yet tastefully done.

And our lovely balcony, very nice.

The balcony has beautiful views of a part of Mostar Old Town.

The view just before sunset from the balcony.

Woke up early the next morning for a pose in the mirror, haha.

Having my morning tea here in the balcony and enjoying the morning views. Thank you Bubbles for the nice shot =).

Then Bubbles and I had our hearty breakfast on time. Those tomatoes are just huge and they served very delicious bread here.

The buffet breakfast table.

The view to the creek from the hotel restaurant's balcony.

The balcony terrace of the restaurant.

Looks like this is our room's little balcony, if I am not mistaken.

The Kriva Curpija Bridge (Crooked Bridge), the little sister to UNESCO world heritage site, Stari Most (Old Bridge) of Mostar.... and the back entrance of the hotel from the bridge as well.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Mostar (Hercegovina), Bosnia & Hercegovina

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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