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Strolling the Quays of Zurich (Mythenquai) and Brunch at the Quai 61

When I was in Zurich in 2016, I went to eat at the Seerestaurant Quai 61, a lakeside restaurant in the Enge Quarter of the city that sits on stilts in the harbour area of Mythenquai. I went with girlfriend Bubbles and M who I met up when they were visiting the city.

The walk to the restaurant on Mythenquai.

I was going to have my brunch, whereas the girls were going to have a light lunch before their flight back to Portugal where they will spend another few more days before flying back to Canada. Zurich was basically their side trip from their Portugal holiday.

So I spent some time googling about Zurich restaurants by the lake and the Quai 61 seemed to have come up everytime as a promising location, thus I booked a reservation for the three of us around lunchtime.

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Because Bubbles and M were staying in the old city, I decided to meet with them at the Zurich Hbf (central station). I booked my hotel at Hotel Uto Kulm in the mountain of Uetliberg, which is a 20-minute direct train ride to Zurich. It was our last day in Zurich and my flight was scheduled later in the evening, whereas Bubbles and M were leaving after we have had our brunch/lunch.

From Zurich Hbf we took the tram to Burkliplatz and from here we walked on the Mythenquai to the restaurant. As it was an extraordinary, beautiful and balmy day in September in Zurich, which does not always happen a lot I heard, everyone was out and about.

The Arboretum Park, a lakeside park with a botanical garden in the Enge Quarter of Zurich.

The Arboretum Park on the Mythenquai.

The parks and the quays were full of people sunbathing, swimming, having a picnic and just lazing around. This reminds me as well of the Netherlands. When its good weather, people really grab the opportunity to stay outdoors. Thus you can say that the walk to Quai 61 was very nice and entertaining.

The Enge Quarter (2nd District) of Zurich is bustling in the summer I am sure.

Our walk from Burkliplatz to Quai 61.

The Quai 61 restaurant straight ahead from the Enge Harbour.

The lion gates guarding the Enge Harbour.

Outside the restaurant, we saw a pretty outdoor lunchcafé terrace and we were a bit tempted to sit there had we not reserved at the main restaurant. We were not sure if the terrace was a part of the restaurant but decided to follow protocol and went inside. We reckoned, the indoor seating would be more comfy, especially if we are going to sit there longer than half an hour =)

Cosy outdoor terrace beside Quai 61.

We settled ourselves by the table on the window with the panoramic view of Zurich lake. Ah, what a lovely day. From the window, I could see the turquoise blue colours of the waters glistening on the horizon, and I felt like I was in my summer holiday in the Greek Islands again. That kind of feeling always stays with you, you know.

It’s our last day in the city, so M and I decided to loosen up a bit and ordered champagne. Not the bottle, but a glass each. We know it’s still early in the day but who cares, haha. Bubbles had some cola.

Cheers! Prost! 

Because Bubbles and M already had breakfast, they settled for a bagel snack. They were expecting more choices but sadly there was not much on the (brunch) menu. I, on the other hand, tried one of their seafood brunch plates. I was intrigued. I ordered the smoked salmon and raw herring with dill mayo sauce and some toast.

The brunch plate arrived and thought that it could have easily been an international version of a Nordic brunch.

What could be a Nordic brunch plate as well.

The restaurant is located at the end of the Enge Harbour on Mythenquai and sits on stilts.

My seafood brunch and the girl's light lunch.

As I ate my seafood brunch and the girls their bagel light lunch, we took our time to enjoy the view and the surroundings. It was a gorgeous day to be in Zurich and to be brunching by the water. We saw people taking their boats for a ride across the lake and a number of people having their luck with SUP, which means ‘stand up paddling’, a new craze 1-2 years ago. Lake Zurich was alive.

Indeed, a warm day like this is best spent outdoors in a café, restaurant or terrace with a view, where one can relax, hang out and watch life go by, and preferably by the water.

Yes, let’s enjoy the moments while and when we can.

This is SUP - stand up paddling.

Seerestaurant Quai 61 on Mythenquai. The restaurant sits on stilts.

People sunbathing and having a picnic at the Arboretum Park.

This boat in Burkliplatz brings you to different stop points in Lake Zurich. We have the option to take this to Quai 61 but its very near so we decided to walk.

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Enge (Zurich), Switzerland

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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