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French Alps: Val Cenis Skiing on a Sunny Day

Seriously, last winter, we only had one (1) single day of sunny day skiing! We weren’t that lucky.

That's moi there, about to take the Solert red slope.

But even though we’ve only had one day of sunshine and blue skies, it was the winter sports holiday that I have enjoyed very much. It was that skiing holiday that I can say to myself that I have become a full-pledged skier and have truly liked and enjoyed the sport after a decade and a half, haha.

I am not a sporty gal by nature, so for me saying this and admitting to really liking and enjoy it, is something. This is outside of my usual league you know. Me, sporty? Nah. But I can ski! And I enjoy it! #thumbsup

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The Dutchman took so many photos of me on this day, but I  am not sure they were all very flattering.

So this sunny skiing day happened on our 2nd day of skiing (which was our 3rd day in the Alps). We had beautiful blue skies in the morning and around midday and towards the afternoon we saw white streaks of clouds over it, which were just stunning. We managed to enjoy the dramatic views of the alpine peaks and trees and the charming panorama of the Savoyard villages.

Although Dutch records our skiing route via his GPS, I cannot remember anymore the routes we took on this day. We boarded several chairlifts and gondolas and managed to run down quite a number of slopes. It was awesome. Such a great feeling to be gliding down the white snow with the freshness of the alpine surroundings pressing on my cheeks. The sterile nature around me, the vast space and the crisp stillness, they are all so soothing and freeing.

We went I believe to the end of Lanslevillard where we had coffee at this bar that had very good music. It was a pity that the bar-cafe was almost empty but we thought it was the bar with the best music in town. French ski villages, with the exception of the very popular and busy ones, are usually quiet and many do not really do apres ski. If they do, it's very tamed and all done inside with a glass of wine and not beers and Jagermeisters.

Because this was a beautiful day, the Dutchman took ownership of the camera for most of the day. Which means I have an avid paparazzi following me the whole time. I am posting a few of the photos the Dutchman took of me here, which is already a lot to me!

Anyway, this blog post will be mainly pictures.

Sunny blue skies huh! Moi walking towards the Pre Novel chairlift, about 100 meters from our chalet apartment complex.

Moi passing the area where children and adults gather for their ski lessons. Those hanging round boards determine your ski learning level. The group classes are offered morning and afternoons for 4 hours each.

The Val Cenis ski resort has 350 kilometers of slopes spread out in 5 alpine villages (Bramans, Sollieres-Sardieres, Termingnon, Lanslebourg and Lanslevillard).

At the Pre Novel you will find a few restaurants, cafe terraces, and shops. This is where we shop for our morning bread, dried sausages, and eggs.

One of my very unflattering pictures. The Dutchman is just snapping away!

I gave him "that look" here because he cannot stop taking pictures.

Up we go! But this is really a very short ride. The Pre Novel chairlift just brings us to a small slope which will take us to another bigger gondola ride that will bring us to the top.

We arrived at the top of the small slope and I am fastening my boots here.

We are finally up on the gondola ride that will bring us to the top of the mountain. That's Lanslevillard village down there.

Having skied a few slopes we are going up again via the Solert chairlift.

We had drinks here at this cafe restaurant, the Chalet La Fema on our first day of skiing (which was the day before this). It's a great place to sit on its terrace and watch the skiers and boarders go down the slope.

This is a nice long red slope.

I cannot remember anymore where we were here but loved seeing the white cloud streaks against the blue skies. The chairlift moment is actually very nice, it is the moment when you enjoy the beautiful alpine views.

The Dutchman is paparazz'ing the people we were sharing the chairlift, lol.

A 6-man chairlift is easy to get off when they are all skiers. If there is a snowboarder, you better let that person sit on the far end.

Taking the time to gather together, enjoy the view, or check out directions before skiing and boarding downhill.

The paparazzi Dutchman is back.

Ok, can you actually spot me on the picture?

Turn right and turn to the left =)

We are going up again via this chairlift (forgot the name).

Moi with the Lanslebourg or Lanslevillard village in my back.

We had coffee at this bar-cafe with great music.

In order to go home, we are going up again with this gondola lift, go through a few slopes and ski lift connections and then ski down to the Pre Novel area in Les Champs. The chairlifts in the mountains usually close between 15:30 and 16:00 and the big lifts in the station villages run until 17:00.

The Dutchman wants to do another run, so I hang here while waiting for him. It's the last cafe restaurant on the slope before going down to Pre Novel.

This is our own apres ski at the chalet apartment =)

Travel Period: January 2018
Destination: Val Cenis, Savoie (Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes), France

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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