Saturday, March 16, 2019

Skiathos: Another Day at Vromolimnos Beach and Dinner at Kohyli Taverna

Perhaps our favourite beach on Skiathos Island...

Dutchman and I went here twice! And that's a lot because there were many nice beaches in Skiathos. We liked the small and cosy location and the vibe of the beach. There is a trendy beach bar cafe and restaurant which owns a row of rental parasols and sunbeds. We love the music flowing from the bar cafe to the beach.

What can you ask more on a summer beach holiday?

Oh yeah, food! Of course.

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Beach Hopping in the South of Skiathos and Dinner at the Infinity Blue Restaurant

Another summer day in Skiathos Island.

Infinity Blue Restaurant sits on top of a cliff.

Dutchman and I had no specific plans for the day except for dinner. We were eyeing to eat at the Infinity Blue Restaurant near Kolios Bay. We decided to check out the beaches with the rental scooter. A mini island road trip with the bike =)

The island is very small. You can reach the other side of the island in half an hour with the scooter.

The popular Koukounaries Beach.

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Saturday, March 09, 2019

My Daily Life in the Netherlands 010

I quite feel guilty about this blog. What do they say? Promises are made to be broken? But then again I do not mind posting late. Seriously, I actually feel the pressure of the mountain load of backlog posts I have. I really want to post more often, but.... *sigh* At this moment, it is what it is.

So back to my 10th edition of My Daily Life in the Netherlands. It is winter season!

The Dam Square and Dam Palace in Amsterdam taken in December.

Lots of dinners at home during the cold months.

The culprit: Real life gets in the way. Always. The Dutchman and I are also in a very busy period now with the house. It will only get busier because the house will be delivered in 2 weeks time. I am very excited! But I can also feel the enormous stress building up. Just thinking about the tasks at hand is overwhelming. Because we are not selling our current place (we plan on renting this out), we will have to do some renovations on top of the work that we will be doing for our new house. Plus we both work full time with demanding jobs. Luckily, we do not have kids. A blessing in disguise? Haha.

This blog will suffer for sure. I am already missing it, seriously. I used to post regularly, like almost every day. Nowadays, I am super drained when I get home and I just can't focus on blogging. But I love blogging. I love journaling a part of my life and posting the pictures I made... so I will definitely keep doing this when I have the time.

Nevertheless, here are some snapshots of my winter months: November, December, January, and February.

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Saturday, March 02, 2019

Photos of Skiathos Old Town from the Hills

Skiathos Old Town is one of the prettiest Greek town island centers I have visited. It is very charming and welcoming, and it is also quite hilly with great vantage points for views.

Moi on top of the hilly old town of Skiathos.

I took these photos in one of the hot summer afternoons on the island.

I have just finished dipping in the pool and laying down on the sunbed to dry. The Dutchman lays beside me, very much engrossed with his new book called Judas, a real-life story of a high profile criminal in the Netherlands as told by his sister (whom he threatened to kill...). From time to time, the Dutchman dips in the pool too, to freshen up and take a breather from reading.

Both of us take advantage of the summer holidays to read. I normally read at least 2 books on the 2-week holiday while Dutchman has a big stash loaded in his e-reader. I might just buy an e-reader when I get used to the idea. For now, I love the feel of the book in my hands.

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