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3rd Day La Palma: Visiting La Bombilla, Puerto Naos, El Remo

Destination: La Palma Island, The Canary Islands, 
Spain Travel Period: August 2020   

We found ourselves exploring the coastal villages on the western side of the island. We have visited two small villages, La Bombilla and El Remo, and a big resort town, Puerto Naos.

This is Puerto Naos:

View of Puerto Naos from the coastal road viewing point.

On our third day on the island, we woke up with a bizarre occurrence in the skies. We saw this greyish flimsy sheet across the sky. It was quite a sight because it was suspended between the blue hues of the sky and the ocean. As if some supernatural inserted in between.

While I was preparing our breakfast table on the terrace, I saw little yellow planes, two of them, flying back and forth. One would emerge from below and fly towards the north of the island and another one would meet it halfway and dive down below. Our apartment is in La Punta and we are sitting on a terraced terrain on a mountain. We can see the waters but not the coast.

We found out that there is a forest fire in the northern part of the island. The family renting the next-door apartment managed to escape the fire. They hoped their house is not ravished by the fire. The next day, they told us that their house was spared, however, the local government closed the area for a few days while securing the place, so they are temporarily staying in the apartment. Must be a close call for them but they didn't sound all too worried though. It helps when you are a free soul type, I guess.

Firefighting planes.

A villa right below our balcony. When the wind is blowing in our direction, we could hear people's conversations clearly.

These firefighting planes keep going down and disappearing in front of us. We presumed they are tank water somewhere in Puerto Tazacorte. 

After breakfast and a quick dip in the pool, we were ready for our plan for the day. A road trip further south to Puerto Naos and we will be visiting seaside villages as well.  

We took the interior road to Puerto Naos. Banana plantations are everywhere in this area. They line the roads and cover the mountain terraces and fields like a tapestry of dancing (banana) leaves. It's a tropical sight I am familiar with but not at this scale though.

Our first stop is La Bombilla, located on the same road to Puerto Naos.

La Bombilla is a really small seaside village. We can't make sure if it's a real town or a super-budget resort. The place looked a bit depressed and shady to me. Many houses, rather huts, were built in a primitive style. I did not take pictures of the huts in a bad state though.

There were also no paved roads. It looked like it's a gypsy or hippies settlement. Like, everything goes kind of place. For the outlaws.

The beach area is on the rocks and was quite busy with many young sunbathers.

The rocky beach area of La Bombilla.

We did not stay long in La Bombilla. 

Instead of going to Puerto Naos which is just a few hundred meters away, we decided to drive to El Remo further south. Perhaps the beach is better there. El Remo is actually the last village on the western coastal road. in order to reach the south in Fuencaliente, one would need an interior detour through the mountains.

Here I am walking in El Remo. It was the height of Covid-19 and everyone must wear a mask even on the streets. Not that always comfortable under the scorching heat of the sun.

El Remo is a much bigger village than La Bombilla but it had the same gypsy and hippie-ish vibe. It does appear better organized here, or at least it seems to me. The beach is stony and part of the coast is rocky. We knew this is not going to be a place for us.

After a short tour of the village, we drove back to Puerto Naos.

There is this chic restaurant here calledKiosko 7 which looked a bit misplaced, to be honest. I liked the location of it though, on the beach, it has a fresh modern design and it's open-air. On a different day, we came back here to eat at this restaurant, but unfortunately, it was closed.

Our third and last stop was Puerto Naos, our main destination.

Perto Naos is very commercial and touristy. Most tourists here are Spaniards, I am guessing from the mainland. It has a nice paved well-developed boulevard adorned with coconut trees, an organized beach with beach bars, and a wide array of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Below you can see the 1,5-meter distance imposed on the beach. They provide these wooden poles for beachgoers to mark their area. No trespassing!

Then it was time for dinner. We spotted this nice restaurant with a balcony overlooking the boulevard, however, the waiter told us that they are not open yet, and to come back in 15 minutes. I found it a bit strange and petty because the tables were all set and ready. I do not understand why they are not accepting guests? We can also sit there for 15 minutes without ordering.

So we searched further and found this restaurant, El Rincon which has a lovely rooftop deck. A much better choice!

They have the biggest menu I have ever seen. A life-sized menu!

Views down the boulevard.

Our dinner has arrived and we are starving, we want to dig in:

Sangria punch to go with my giant prawns on a bed of salt.

A last stroll on the boulevard and back to the car. All in all, a good third day on La Palma. We are slowly discovering La Palma.

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