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La Palma: The Izcagua Viewing Point in Puntagorda and Dinner at Muralla

Destination: La Palma Island, The Canary Islands, 
Spain Travel Period: August 2020

In the beginning of the holiday, Dutchman and I were a bit disappointed in ourselves. We were used to the more intimate Greek Islands with organized pocket-size beach bays with parasols and beach beds and beach bars and a spruced up restaurant and shopping scene. La Palma's version of this is not as how we were used to. 

For the first few days we were missing the Greek Islands, but I was resolved to make this summer holiday a success, so I went to work searching for places to explore and enjoy. I read about a restaurant with a lovely view, so we decided to check it out first before reserving a table, as well as drive further up north where we came across this amazing viewing platform, Izcagua.

There were two viewing decks located in the recreation area of El Fayal. Both decks look to the valleys of Izcagua and the North Atlantic Ocean. The design of the viewing decks is modern with glass railings camouflaging itself into its surroundings.

It is so beautiful here!

On our 4th day on the island, we went up north to Puntagorda. We were curious about the forest fire and wanted to see how far we can go north. We were informed that the road to Roque de los Muchaschos is still closed, a place we were eyeing on going. We were also going to check out a restaurant called Muralla, which has outstanding views.

But before that, we have our breakfast first.

The firefighter water planes are still busy putting out the forest fires in the noth of the island. We took a closer picture of the planes and we also managed to take both of them in one picture!

This is our sun deck terrace:

After breakfast, which was more like a brunch, we did the pool drill. Just chillax. It is rather hot, what with the fires up north, it is affecting us a bit when the winds blow in our direction. So hanging out in the pool in the afternoon was the best thing to do.

There is wisdom in taking things slow while on holiday. 

Then we got ready for the drive to Muralla, and while on the road, we came acorss this beer bar. We checked it out, thought it was nice, so we told ourselves to come here another time.

We arrived at Muralla Restaurant and we were impressed with the ambiance and setting, and the spectacular views! 

We were smitten and made a table reservation for the evening. We hoped the food is delicious, something that is memorable and sublime as its setting. We shall see to that in a few hours.

Muralla Restaurant.

We have a few hours before dinner, so we drove north to Puntagordam checking out the towns and villages. The northwestern part of the island is where the sun goes down. It is  also  on the the other side of the mountain that halves La Palma. The sun seems to shine more oftenin this part of the island, so it is no surprise to see a number of norther European enclaves.

We arrived in Puntagorda and drove to the direction of El Fayal recreation area which is a natural park with tables and benches for picnicking visitors. I also assume that the area is famous as a meeting point for tour operators for any hikes in this area. 

La Palma is a haven for mountaineers and hikers of many levels. We learned that the high season for La Palma tourism is winter (hiking season) and not summer. As you can see La Palma is very different from its sisters, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. I have only been to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, while the Dutchman has been to all four. These are your mass tourism islands during summer. I wouldn't be tempted to go back again that easily.

Please find here pictures of the breathtaking Izcagua Viewing Point:

It is glass bottom!

It wasn't busy at all, so it was easy to take all these pictures!

Then we got back in the car and just drove around. Sight seeing from the car was really nice as we were seeing a different La Palma. southern part of the island, at least from L Punta and below, the scenery is filled with endless banana plantations. Here, we are seeing pine trees and interesting tree species. This island is so diverse, no wonder they call her La Isla Bonita.

After the driving and sightseeing, we went back to the restuarant.

View outside the restaurant.

We were encourage to scan the menu on the wall and choose our entrees from the app on our mobile phone. A handy way to observe the 1,5-meter Covid distancing rule. We proceeded to scan the menu barcode and chose a table on the open balcony. 

Below the balcony are two large ostriches walking around.

And some birds (pigoens?) taking a rest on the wire railings and enjoying the golden hours of the day. 

In Europe, we have long days during summer and out sunsets are lengthy. Depending on which area or country you are in  during summer, sunsets can take place between 21:30 and 23:00 and the more you go north to Scandinavia, you may not even have any sunset experience!

We started with some bread with chives I think, and a glass of white wine for myself. Dutchman always takes cola and he always finishes it  right away.

Our main courses - Dutchman as steak and fries while I have a whitebait fish (I think) with pesto sauce and some boiled potatoes.

The setting is just so lovely and the views around us, engulfing us, was just so nice.

We dined slowly until the sun went down. 

The food was ok, but I expected more. The fish was a bit dry and the pesto sauce was not enough to make it work. Dutchman had only praises for his steak.

Time for coffee to end the day.

More sunset pictures and the moon:

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