Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Wintersport Holiday 2019 in Val Cenis: Our Chalet Apartment

We went back to Val Cenis in the French Alps for this year's winter sport's holiday,

The next morning we woke up to a 3cm of snow. Not bad.

We stayed at the CHG Residences & Spas - Le Chalets de Flambeau.

The ski resort runners-up on our list were Les Portes du Soleil and Paradiski which are massive ski areas in the French Alps but with the combination of the right price and the accommodation on the piste or less than 100 meters walk to a ski lift, Dutchman and I ended up choosing Val Cenis again.

We managed to snag a very good deal at CHG Residences & Spas at the Les Chalets de Flambeau which is between 2 ski lifts, the Pre Novel chairlift, and the Vieux Moulin gondola, both approximately 70 meters away. And from the slopes, you can ski down up to your door. Just perfect! The chalet apartments were also very nice, modern fitted and spacious. And here is the cherry on top of the icing -- free entrance to the spa. We cannot say no to that.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Bonjour, Bonsoir from the Alps!

Sorry for the silence dolls and guys, I am on wintersports holiday in the Alps now...

Dutchman and I are skiing and boarding here in the Alps right now until the end of the week. We've had all kinds of weather this week so far... cloudy, snowy, misty and sunny. We can't complain really because last year's wintersports holiday we've only had one day of blue skies. So we are lucky this year.

I will be updating the blog when I am back in the lowlands.

So just a few photos!

Travel Period: January 2019
Destination: French Alps, France

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Pictures of Utrecht Centrum in 2018

Happy New Year fellow travellers and (good) lifestyle enthusiasts!

The Oudgracht from the Vismarkt.

I have been meaning to post more on a regular (daily!) basis but I think I am just getting old. I am getting tired easily these days and would prefer my evenings spent doing nothing or I spend them on trivial activities such as lurking or watching funny videos of cats and dogs on Facebook and all sorts of Mukbangs on Youtube, haha.

But yeah, seriously, that's what I have been doing in the last weeks when I am not playing Candy Crush. I play the 2 versions by the way.

I swear on the above as my de-stressors after work.

Work will always play a huge part of my life, well, until I am ready to retire, which I am, unfortunately not, retiring anytime soon. But I am aiming to retire early though which is a major challenge considering the high costs of living in the Netherlands and the goal of maintaining the same lifestyle.

Anyway, I wanted to post all these pictures I took of Utrecht Centrum last year, my adopted hometown. These pictures were taken spread out in 2018. I hope you like them!

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